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August 1st, 2014

DAILY JOKE -- She wanted to make animal cookies, but she was all out of animal.
PHILOSOPHICAL MUSING OF THE DAY -- True absolutes almost always have specific conditions.

MUSICAL TIP OF THE DAY -- Chords can be suggested by the use of contrapuntal lines.

On the Tolerance of the Intolerance of the Evangelical Christian Paradigm

by Lee Duane FitzSimmons

Certain religious paradigms are intolerant of other religious belief systems. Certain religious paradigms are intolerant of other expressions of the spiritual reality that permeates all of the various facets of daily existence. Certain religious paradigms are intolerant of the ease with which other spiritual paradigms are always connected to the universal mind-source. These intolerant religious paradigms constantly live in fear of being separated from this almighty omniscient force that is the primary focus of their teachings. The intolerance of these religious paradigms (particularly evangelical Christianity as practiced by many European states for the last several centuries) should be tolerated.

The Spanish Inquisition was ended only a short time ago at the beginning of the nineteenth century. Western culture has only had about a dozen or so generations to make a gradual shift to a system of religious belief that does not rely on a military to enforce its domination. Many religions are now tolerated all over the world in a new paradigm of religious freedom and acceptance. However, there are still those who fear this freedom.

This freedom is feared by those who fear their own sexuality. When this emotionally devastating force is removed from one's cognitive processes, the unity of all of the world's spiritual traditions becomes quite obvious. Thus, the immature members of the human species that have yet to realize this aspect of reality and its debilitating effects on the psyche should be tolerated so that they may eventually learn about the new freedoms that are being expressed all over the world. However, there are many who will not accept this new reality; they will eventually die. In many ways, they are already dead because they never learned how to live.

Thus, the children will carry the new rainbow of spiritual tolerance that will shine progressive advancement and true peace to all of the world.

* * * * *

- Lee -

Articles, Writings, and Music by Lee FitzSimmons - Composer and Author

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Featuring content that is timeless in nature and will still be highly relevant hundreds of years from now, this educational resource center provides instructional tutorials as well as speculative analysis on a wide number of esoteric, artistic, and creative themes. The content on this website does not age but only grows more relevant as time passes. Updated daily, this information center also offers a wide variety of free original music in a wide number of musical genres, including symphonic, jazz, new age, electronic, reggae, and rock.

Creative genius is a special and unique ability to both speculate and elucidate on matters of both the physical and metaphysical world. Creative genius also consists of the ability to design and craft works of art that are aesthetically pleasant. It is developed by real-world experience just as much as it is by training and learning new skills. However, this application of knowledge, abilities, and experience must be delightfully merged with the genies of the imagination that dance with the muses of empathic reason.

Intuition is arguably one of the most important aspects of creative genius. The true natures of the empathic and intuitive realms go far beyond any type of mere technical ability or imaginative whim. The intuitive sense helps to give birth to new ideas and passions that serve as catalysts for all types of new avenues of creative exploration into the infinite realms of artistic manipulation. Empathy explores the vast uncharted waters of the creative unknown.

Empathy explores the soul.

The writing on this site is sometimes informative and sometimes speculative in its native essence. Oftentimes, merely examining the creative paradigms of a certain system will spark many new ideas because the introduction of this new information often leads to revelations of new thought processes that have not yet been considered. Also, a new presentation of an idea or system that is widely known can also provide a different type of perspective on an artistic situation. Whatever it might be, any new source of inspiration is always a welcome thing that leads to much greater happiness and fulfillment.

It is for this reason that these words are written. It is for this reason that this music was made. It is for this reason that these artistic expressions were fashioned and molded.

It is for this reason that this material is freely shared.

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Scene from a Classroom

by Lee Duane FitzSimmons

"Okay, children," the teacher said. "Please turn your textbooks to page 236. Today, we shall be studying the ancient devices known as warcloths." The children obeyed and hastily followed their teacher's instructions. "These devices were used by the primitive cultures of the 21st century," she explained. "These devices were used to elicit emotion from the more animalistic portion of the human essence."

"My father collects these," said Jenny, a student in the class. "He has hundreds of them in our basement."

"That's right, Jenny," the teacher responded. "These devices are very valuable to many antique dealers and collectors all over the world because they have not been been used for many centuries," she then dimmed the lights and turned on the three-dimensional hologram projector. The class then watched a visual presentation entitled "The History of the Warcloth."

After the documentary was over, the teacher asked her students, "So are there any questions?"

Jimmy raised his hand and asked, "So what were these devices called when they were still being used?"

"Flags," the teacher answered. "They were called flags."


* * * * *

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