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On the Merging of Spirituality and Science

by Lee Duane FitzSimmons

There are many philosophers and thinkers that separate science and spirituality. This is not necessary. When perceived correctly, science is spirituality, and spirituality is science. The key is to define the terms science and spirituality in an accurate manner so that they can be correctly perceived as being a complete and united entity. In this way, the minds of great thinkers can more logically pursue paths that lead to more discoveries instead of disagreeing about the various definitions of these two words. If these two terms were to be defined by ten different individuals, then ten different pairs of definitions would be presented.

Therefore, various definitions of spirituality will be analyzed. Spirituality is often thought of as the essential element of existence that is related to the eternal soul. Spirituality is also associated with a type of vital energy that is essential to life. Some define the spirit as the soul, and some separate these words into two different concepts. Others define spirituality as being religious in nature while others claim that they are spiritual but not religious (the word religion is also associated with a large multiplicity of meanings). Therefore, it might be prudent to think of spirit as an essence that does not exist on an atomic level. Of course, there are also many who might disagree with this notion as well.

The Physician by Gerrit Dou (1653)

Thus, for the purposes of this article, spirituality will be considered to be within the realms of reality that cannot be measured by physics but can still be studied on a scientific level. Thus, we can now establish many different types of links between science and spirituality. In fact, there are so many links that the separation of the two seems rather ludicrous if this type of logic is accepted and pursued. Science attempts to discover new things that have yet to be explained, and spirituality seeks to answer questions about things that exist in realms that often seem to be unfathomable if approached in certain ways. Thus, we have both spirituality and science seeking to answer questions about the unknown. This pursuit of knowledge makes science and spirituality very similar in nature and reinforces the idea that the two concepts are merely two terms for the same thing.

Therefore, it would seem logical that the species not spend time arguing about the various definitions of these terms and instead focus on the creative process itself so that new discoveries in art, spirituality, and science can be found. In other words, creative individuals should focus on their crafts so that more of the secrets of the universe may be unlocked.

Why focus on the trivial and boring classifications of these definitions when the exciting color and brilliance of the real world beckons to all?

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