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On the Development of the Will

by Lee Duane FitzSimmons

There are several basic elements that are characteristic of rational thought. These elements are indicative of a healthy and balanced mind that is capable of making correct decisions after data is examined. When the intellectual capacity of an individual is stimulated properly, the mind begins to grow in a manner that allows for a type of evolutionary development that transcends regular education. This evolution is possible only when the mind is free from distractions caused by certain factors that cause the mind to lose focus. In order to remain free from these distractions, it is imperative that the energies of the lower chakras are effectively managed.

In order to accomplish this task, an individual must possess an enormously strong will in order to have a strong command of one's spiritual energies so that the lower frequencies can be accommodated in a pleasant manner and not affect the emotional psyche of the individual that desires evolutionary development. This individual should also be self-reliant as possible in an emotional sense. By gaining a certain amount of emotional isolation from group magnetisms, it becomes possible for an individual to have more intellectual freedom that allows the mind and spirit to grow in a more unencumbered manner that makes evolutionary growth more likely.

Prayer at Sainte Anne d'Auray by William-Adolphe Bouguereau (1869)

In order for the will to be strengthened to accomplish this goal, true moral imperatives must be firmly in place or else the solid foundation necessary for a strong will might not be present. Correct philosophical motives promote the well-being of every individual. If they are firmly imbedded within the empathic regions of the soul, then the will gains a magnificent strength that is more capable of withstanding any type of assault or distraction. These correct philosophical and moral imperatives must be correctly defined by the individual for the individual. It should also be noted that many pre-packaged spiritual belief systems supposedly provide these types of imperatives. However, they are usually not effective because the individual has not taken the time or effort to create a set of philosophical imperatives that fits perfectly like a tailor-made suit.

Once a strong will is firmly grounded with a true set of moral imperatives, it is then able to begin this evolutionary type of growth. This growth is accomplished by digesting large amounts of practical and aesthetic knowledge (preferably from many different areas of study) and then creating new ideas with this newly gained knowledge. Once this process is repeated over and over, an improvement of the intellect and the subsequent development of the empathic faculties will most definitely occur. Thus, one must have a strong enough will that allows for completely independent thought that is able to digest as much knowledge as possible so that new creations from this newly developed knowledge can be made.

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