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On the Spirituality of Education

by Lee Duane FitzSimmons

Learning is a religious experience. It is just as important for the soul as it is for the intellect. When learning is carried to its highest level and various elements of knowledge become empathic, a true spiritual connection to the metaphysical realms has been accomplished. Therefore, education can be thought of as a type of spirituality by understanding that certain components of knowledge may eventually be employed intuitively within the creative process.

This spirituality is such that the older forms of knowledge distribution between teacher and student are substantially enhanced. This new reality is now occurring because of the creation of new methods of information transmission. Therefore, when humanity is aware of more things that are truly relevant to the human condition, the spiritual awareness of the population will increase as well. As a result of this phenomenon, a greater appreciation for all human endeavor will grow, and the entire species will develop a far more universal understanding about the realms of both knowledge and empathy.

The School of Athens by Raphael (1510)When greater distribution of relevant information is achieved, the intuitive prowess of many sensitive individuals will also be increased. It is this particular growth that directly links the realms of education to the realms of the spiritual in a highly substantial fashion. Therefore, the intuitive faculties are developed in a rational and logical manner that eschews superstitious speculation and whimsical fancy. This overall mental and emotional development of the more sensitive members of the species will eventually allow these individuals to be capable of developing more types of new abilities. As these talents are discovered and then nurtured, they can eventually be developed into tools that will benefit all of humanity for many more centuries to come.

As the dawn of this new paradigm casts its glow, new understandings that unite the realms of intellectual discovery with the growth of the empathic faculties will take shape and be molded into new visions of peace. These visions are the salvation of those who wish to live in a civilized society that does not promote violent aggression or excessive privilege.

These visions are the salvation of the soul.

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