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LORD OF THE WINGS spoofs Tolkien, Harry Potter, and all things related to role-playing games. 

First, we meet Belly Bo Baggin’ and his cousin Fry Dough. They possess the Wing of Power, which is a golden buffalo wing that has the power to turn food invisible. Next, Corndalf the Great, one of the hungriest wizards in the land, shows up and tells them about the Dork Riders and the great dorkiness that is spreading throughout the kingdom. The Dork Riders are a group of teenage boys led by Harry Pooter. They manage a chain of Pooter’s restaurants for Saucer Ron, a wizard that owns a production facility inside Mount Dude. 

Corndalf, Belly Bo, and Fry Dough are joined by Samwide and Poopin', two of their friends from the village. These five adventurers hook up with Golly (the creature who possesses the legendary Holy Grill), and they all journey to Mount Dude where they present the Holy Grill to Saucer Ron. Copies of the Holy Grill are then sold throughout all of the land. 

The adventurers then proceed to go on quests for the Pork of the Covenant, the Fountain of Couth, the Food Pyramid, and the Temple of Swallowin’. Their journeys take them to all sorts of exotic locations like Camel Lot (a used camel dealership owned by King Author and his Knives of the Round Steak Table), the Kitchen Sphinx, and Stovehenge (where they discover the secret of Vern’s Equinox). Along the way, they run into many colorful characters including Robin Hoodie, the Lady of the Cake, Paunch de Leon, and Ali Baba and the Forty Steves. 

There is also a fascinating plot twist. Corndalf is actually an enormously powerful wizard using the adventuring party and its quests as a cover to hide his desperate attempts to find a horrific demonic entity. 

Also, there is a colorful map that allows the reader to easily follow the characters on their journeys...

Lord of the Wings map

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But wait... there's more!

In the darkness, things are not always what they seem to be...

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The Endarkening and La Chupacabra are the first two novellas in The Daemonic Chronicles series by Lee Fitzsimmons. These passionate, action-packed thrillers are filled with both diabolic ritual and heart-warming salvation as their quickly paced narratives keep the reader entranced until their final pages are read.

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