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On the Pure Essence of Inner Beauty *** On the Acquisition of Inner Beauty

On the Use Of Templates for Artistic Design *** On the Expression of Artistic Design

On the Development of Multiple Creative Disciplines *** On the Aesthetics of Simplicity

On the Restoration of the Creative Flow *** On the Passion of Creativity

Art as Mediator of Spirituality and Science

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On the Regenerative Powers of Artistic Creation *** On the Spectral Design of the Universe

On the Creative Aspects of Humor *** On the Degradation of the Fine Arts

On the Promotion of False Art *** On the Creation of More Simplistic Types of Art

On the Artistic Perception of Aesthetic Creations *** On the Hybridization of Artistic Genres

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On the Will as Creation *** On the Theoretical and the Practical

On the Amalgamation of Polar Extremes *** On the Correct Usage of the Quantitative

On the Misapplication of the Higher Intellect *** On the Freedom of Knowledge

On the Application of Ideas to the Creative Process *** The Temples and Gardens of Arcadia

On the Superior Paradigm of Truth

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On the Development of Freewill *** On the Nature of Premature Generalizations

On the Virtues related to Knowledge and Wisdom *** On the Development of Objective Analysis

On Lexical Precision *** On the Essence of Judgment

On Intellectual Growth *** On the Correct Functioning of Logic


On the More Complete Usage of the Intellect *** On the Fallacies of Objectivity

On the Native Essence of Learning *** On the Interpretations of a Statement Beyond its Literal Sense

On Overcoming Lexical Ineffectiveness *** On the Importance of Intellectual Discourse

On the Various Intellectual Manifestations Associated with Incorrect Paradigms

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On the Botanical Sources of Metaphysical Energy *** On the Correct Speculation of the Metaphysical Realms

Unifying Epistemology and Ontology *** On the Nature of Philosophical Contemplation

On the Fallacies of Cosmological Theories *** On the Observation of Tradition

On the Merging of the Arts and Sciences *** On the Usage of Etymology

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On the Metaphysical Energy of Water *** On the Spirituality of Education

On the Development of the Will *** On Preparation

On the Correct Implementation of Philosophy *** On Spiritual Growth

On the Merging of Spirituality and Science *** On Criticism

Modern Depictions of Ancient Concepts *** On the Deceptive Nature of False Paradigms


Reading Texts of Light and Pigment *** On the Nature of Reverse Psychology

On the Various Uses of Philosophy *** On the Eloquence of Sophistry

Etymology as a Natural Science *** On the Universal Power of Truth

On the Misconceptions of Masculinity *** On the Misinterpretation of Metaphor

On the Use of Philosophy for the Construction of Morals

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On the Use of Objective Logic to Develop Empathy *** Truth and Purity

On the Contagious Nature of Imbalanced Emotions *** Gnosis as Salvation

On Emotional and Psychological Protection *** On the Nature of Correct Balance

On Emotional Healing *** On the Empathic Essence of Lost Knowledge

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On the Vital Essence of Purity *** On the True Essence of Virtue

On the Necessity of Restoring Balance *** On the Motivation of Forgiveness

On the Benefits of Pragmatic Meditation *** On the Primary Essence of Motivation

On the Imbalanced Placement of Hope and Expectation

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On the Paradigm Shift from Bronze to Iron *** On the Transcendental Nature of Mercury

On the Reflective Essence of Silver *** On the Basic Nature of the Earth Element

On the Defensive Usage of Masculine Frequencies *** On the Nature of False Magnetism

On Anthropomorphism - Part I *** On Anthropomorphism - Part II

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On the Energies of the Lower Spectrum *** On the Excessive Visual Elements of Iron

On the Role of Silver as Mediator *** On the Merging of Copper and Iron

On the Intermediary Stages of Sleep

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On the Use of Musical Ideas as Philosophical Notions *** On the Practical Uses of Musical and Poetic Inspiratation

On the Interplay Between Dorian and Mixolydian Modes *** On the Virtues of Counterpoint

Modern Technology and Musical Composition *** The Role of Rhythm in Music Construction

Intervallic Qualities of Music Construction *** On the Use of Chromaticism

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On the Psychological Impact of Music *** On the Interplay of Harmony and Counterpoint

On the Creation of Musical Compositions - Part I *** On the Creation of Musical Compositions - Part II

On the Creation of Musical Compositions - Part III

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On the Fallacies of Academic Credentials *** On the Fallacies of Professional Experts

On the Use of Pride in the Development of Empires *** On Altruism

On the Proliferation of New Paradigms *** On the Use of Information to Curtail Hypocrisy

On the Evocation of Symbolism *** On the Use of Socratic Irony

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Spirituality Without Organized Religion *** On Dogmatism

On the Natural Desire for Good *** On the Nature of Redemption

On the Evil Inherent in Secrecy *** On the Mutual Benefits of Reciprocation in Commerce

On the Misconceptions of Good and Evil *** On the Fallacies of the Justification of Greed


On the Manipulation of Truth *** On the Nature of Political Deceit

On the Universal Good of Rational Self-Interest *** On the Flaws of Creative Thought Promoted by Academia

On the Flaws of Philosophical Thought in Academia *** On the Conceptualization of Paradigms

On the Fallacy of Dogmatism

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