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Truth and Purity

by Lee Duane FitzSimmons

When something is not as it appears to be, it has potential access to numerous places that it might not otherwise have. Such is the basic technique of any type of covert activity. There are also different kinds of revelatory devices that counter such methods. There are also many sorts of hybrids of these two activities that can be combined so as to produce more confusion and uncertainty within any party that may or may not be involved.

Honest purity, however, needs no disguise. The noble ambition from a pure heart is always a steady guide that leads the just individual down the path of correct enlightenment and intellectual fortitude. The noble ambitions from a pure heart always serve as effective beacons that help find the best way to deal with any situation; this guidance is also expressed on a subconscious level. Such is the way of the universe that always guides the truly noble person into the correct situation at the correct time. This way always gives true meaning to the emotions of those who are uncorrupted by the more sinister forces of the universe that desire the destruction of the human species.

Orchid and Hummingbird near a Mountain Waterfall by Martin Johnson Heade (1902)

Oftentimes, this guidance can come in unexpected forms, and sometimes it presents itself in blatantly obvious ways. However, regardless of how it is fathomed by the good individual, it is there. Thus, there is no need for dishonesty, disguise, covert manipulations, or any other sort of untruthful activity that seeks to subvert any kind of knowledge. Knowledge is truth. Truth is knowledge. Knowledge and truth are pure. They always have been this way, and they will always continue to be this way. When anything is concealed or cloaked, there are almost always impure motives involved. Thus, anybody that wishes to purify and cleanse their soul will always seek to express the truth. Disguise and secrecy are for those impure souls that have been tainted by evil ambitions.

However, the true nature of the soul is to be good and to shun evil. Thus, the acceptance and promotion of honesty and purity will cleanse the soul of evil and its unwholesome ambitions that only desire the immediate gratification of the senses. Therefore, it behooves humanity to always seek the truth and shun the covert activities of any entity that desires to do the species any harm whatsoever.

Remaining true to the well-being of humanity is the way to salvation.

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