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On the Mutual Benefits of Reciprocation in Commerce

by Lee Duane FitzSimmons

There are many reasons why reciprocation is beneficial to both parties in a commercial transaction. These reasons are the basic components of goodness that make the theory of capitalism so palatable to the ethical tongue of most individuals. When an act of reciprocation occurs, a very beautiful thing happens; every person that is associated with the transaction gains benefit. In addition, all parties involved in future transactions also stand to gain in a positive manner from this act. Therefore, reciprocation should always be a constant so that the entire system may flourish.

Reciprocation is good because it builds trust. Trust strengthens the bonds of humanity. Trust makes the entire experience of buying and selling things a more worthy and noble pursuit. Trust causes evil merchants and thieves to convert themselves into honest salesmen that will support the system instead of harming it. Trust turns the tide. Trust brings the world together and inspires hope in humanity that will allow for the discontinuation of war and conflict.

Trust creates peace.

Fruit Seller by Vincenzo Campi (1580)

Reciprocation is mutually beneficial for everybody because it increases exposure. The basic premise of networking allows for greater communication between all of the participants of the process. Because of its very nature, networking also allows for the entrance of as many participants as possible. When there are more honest entities that are involved in the system, the system becomes stronger. Thus, it behooves everyone to connect with as many others as possible so that the best conditions can ultimately be achieved.

When this type of access is achieved, exposure for everything is increased. This exposure allows for many more choices with the consumer and allows for there to be many more chances that the consumer will actually find items of worth that are far more beneficial. This increased depth of selection brings value to the entire system in such a way that everybody involved in the marketplace will benefit. The consumer gains increased value. Producers have better access to raw materials. Raw material suppliers have more entities to purchase their wares. All who are involved have more options, and more options will bring more goodness to the economic system in such a way that the system will be able to weed out the more contaminating aspects of the marketplace that have tainted the system for thousands of years.

This contaminating evil is the suppression of supply in order to increase demand. Once this horrendous element is eliminated, capitalism will eventually transform into a far more brilliant type of system that allows for the true beauty of humanity.

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