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On the Nature of Correct Balance

by Lee Duane FitzSimmons

Balance is the key to most solutions. Therefore, it would seem prudent to discuss the nature of correct balance so that that this state can be better understood. Far too often, correct balance is found but is not correctly perceived because it clashes with popular opinion. It should be realized that popular opinion is often imbalanced; therefore, it is up to each individual to be able to recognize a correct state of balance once it is achieved. Therefore, the basic essence of balance needs to be properly defined before any further elucidation in this area of observation can be attempted.

Balance is having the proper amount of things at the correct times and at the correct places. Although this definition is quite broad, it is highly relevant and can be effectively used to identify many types of balance. It can also be used to detect many types of imbalances. However, the obvious problems of knowing the correct amounts, the correct times, and the correct places are now brought to the forefront. The task of determining this information is usually performed by the empathic faculties. While the intellect does render assistance to this process, this assistance is usually not very great.

The Unity and Justice by Theodoor van Thulden (17th century)

One possible sign of imbalance is when the expression of a key statement is centered on the term or. It is this type of logic that causes emotional disturbances that are often in conflict with the very essence of human existence. Oftentimes, a question is poised that asks, "Do you desire element A, OR do you desire element B?" When this type of query is asserted, imbalance usually follows because the proper solution often resides within a combination of both element A AND element B. When a query that relies on the word or is proposed, it is usually asserted by someone with a lazy intellectual faculty that has not yet dissected the various components of element A and element B so that the best portions of both elements can be retained and the worst portions of both elements can be discarded.

Therefore, in order to get the right amount, the proper aspects of every element involved should be examined, and the best things should be isolated and retained. Oftentimes, the best answers involve crossing the lines of irrelevant human compartmentalization and selecting the proper things in the correct amounts. It does not matter if these things are chosen from two or more opposing factions.

All that matters is balance.

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