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On Emotional and Psychological Protection

by Lee Duane FitzSimmons

Some of the more popular types of prayers made by Christians (or spells cast by Pagans) are devices to protect an individual from negative emotional and psychological attacks. Such techniques are known as protection spells (similar to the "deliver us from evil" clause in the Lord's Prayer). In many Eastern traditions there are similar attempts that are referred to as deliverance or protection from samsara (worldly existence) and the agitated state of mind that it produces. Regardless of the belief system used, the basic essence of protection is the same. There is the primary method of "shielding" that is used by most; however, this method is not very effective and can often be detrimental to the overall mindset of the individual employing this particular technique. An alternative form of protection will be given that is far more effective and does not place the individual in a state of fear or anxiety.

First, the protective devices that can be classified as "shielding" will be discussed. These protective devices are highly flawed because they place the mind of the individual using such techniques into a fear-based defensive mentality that severely depletes the will and damages the psyche. Such uses of energy are detrimental to the basic condition of the human spirit. Therefore, it would seem prudent to use some other technique or device to stabilize one's psyche so that the onslaught of the daily world as well as the insults and taunts that are constantly hurled by hateful and jealous entities will not have any significant effect.

The Ghost of Clytemnestra Awakening the Furies by John Downman (1781)

Such a technique exists; however, it is not well known because it employs a concept that is little understood. This technique can be expressed as "Emotional Transparency." In order to grasp this concept more effectively, a metaphor will be used. This protective device can be thought of as an individual being a solid physical being and the emotional attacks upon the psyche can be thought of as deadly arrows and blades hurled at this individual. Emotional Transparency would be similar to the individual transforming from a physical body into a hologram. Thus, the barbs and bullets would pass harmlessly through the individual. Therefore, Emotional Transparency could be correctly defined as maintaining an emotionally pure state that is maintained by the use of logic and reason and further reinforced with balanced empathy. In its later stages of advanced development, Emotional Transparency would be almost completely empathic.

It should be realized that the positive emotions of the psyche can also help reinforce the purity of the emotionally transparent quality of an individual's overall balanced state of existence. Such a state can also be used to absorb the negative energy and transform it. Such is the nature of true emotional intelligence. The analogy will now be stretched a little further. An arrow of hatred is flung at an innocent individual (protected by Emotional Transparency) from a jealous entity; it strikes its target. However, it is absorbed and is transformed into a ball of fire that is used by the intended victim as a weapon to attack the jealous entity that initially launched the assault. The jealous entity that shot the arrow of hatred will more than likely cease to attack because the assault returned like a boomerang and attacked the attacker.

To realize the state of Emotional Transparency, it is necessary to realize that verbal or psychological assaults only produce effects when the intended victim allows these effects to occur. Otherwise, these attacks are either completely harmless or may be used against the entity that was initially responsible for the assault.

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