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Gnosis as Salvation

by Lee Duane FitzSimmons

The human species is in dire need of salvation from the genetic damage that was done when the species was first created. In order to overcome this damage, it is of utmost importance that every person be aware of the basic facts about the history of the planet so that everyone can possess the correct frame of reference with which to make the most correct decisions. Due to the ignorance and the enormous amount of fear that is involved with this subject area, this process will not occur within a few years but will occur over many centuries. This process requires that every member of the species acquire gnosis.

Gnosis can be defined as both intuitive and practical knowledge about the mind, body, and soul. Gnosis is more empathic than it is intellectual, but it still requires use of the logical faculties. When gnosis is developed to its higher levels, it includes the merging of the intellect with the empathic faculties and allows for the creation of a new type of mental faculty that is capable of better perceiving knowledge in a more rational and practical sense. In order for the species to develop and overcome its current imbalances, this type of gnosis is imperative so that the lower primal instincts that cause the desire for criminal mischief can be more easily controlled and managed.

Ceiling of the Sistine Chapel by Michelangelo (1512)

Only by correct management of the lower base desires can the species ever gain balance and restore any semblance of a true civilized entity. Gnosis is the key to managing these imbalances that stem from these misplaced energies of the lower primal instincts. Thus, by better acquiring gnosis and then developing it to new levels of both empathic and intellectual heights, humanity will be able to overcome its primal instinctive passions and employ them in a far better fashion that directly benefits the species.

Therefore, it behooves all that know the truth to spread it throughout the world. This can now be accomplished with the new technology that has been developed in the 20th century. Since it is now possible to flood the world with this knowledge, it is also necessary to remove the dams that have hindered its flow. However, these dams must be removed in such a way that does not destroy life. Once the truth has flooded the world, new gardens of gnosis will grow, and the old ways of the former world will eventually cease to be. In this way, peace will eventually reign supreme.

In this way, peace on earth will no longer be a dream.

It will be reality.

* * *


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