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On the Contagious Nature of Imbalanced Emotions

by Lee Duane FitzSimmons

When the imbalanced emotions of distressed individuals are exposed to others, there is an extreme danger of these hazardous currents permeating the psyches of many innocent bystanders. Thus, it becomes necessary for emotionally intelligent individuals to maintain a balanced poise, so they can maintain their stability. In order for the more healthy individuals of the species to be able to exist with those who are still emotionally immature, the balanced individuals must take the proper steps to strengthen their emotional intelligence, so they can properly handle interaction with these emotionally underdeveloped individuals.

Since the only way that these unhealthy individuals can be cured is when they make the decision to improve their emotional stability, it is the complete responsibility of the emotionally strong to strengthen their balanced currents. This strengthening is necessary in order to make sure that these strong individuals are not corrupted when they are near those who remain in a lower state of development. Since the majority of the species will never mature to any significant degree, the emotionally strong members of the species must be able to find some form of temporary isolation from the harmful currents of imbalance.

Three Monkeys Stealing Fruit by Frans Snyder (17th century)

Therefore, the more evolved members of the species should always be on guard for the types of actions and thoughts that will lead to the creation of imbalanced currents. When these thoughts and actions are recognized, the harmful energies that they will produce can often be thwarted. When this type of recognition occurs, others might gain valuable insights that would allow for better emotional health. Thus, the stronger that the healthier individuals of the world can become, the more likely they would be able to help others overcome their unbalanced tendencies.

Thus, everything hinges on the emotionally strongest members of the species becoming as stable as possible. When these individuals become as emotionally firm as possible, they often become beacons of hope for many others. There is little that can affect them. They are the true hope of humanity, and the techniques that they use should be shared so that more people who are trying to become more evolved can be more effective with their endeavors. Thus, let the strong be the guides, and let the weak learn from their example.

If the weak do not learn, then they will surely perish.

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