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On the Evil Inherent in Secrecy

by Lee Duane FitzSimmons

Secrecy is bad. It is very bad. It has always been bad and will always be bad; there is no excuse for it. When something is kept secret, there is always an evil motive underneath that needs to be exposed so that truth and goodness can return. There is never a need for anything to remain secret. When knowledge is oppressed and kept secret, those who hold the secrets are evil. The only salvation that is possible for an entity holding secrets is for that entity to release its secrets and allow them to enter the realms of knowledge and goodness. If these secrets are not released, then the evil inherent in secrecy will rear its ugly head and cause even more damage.

Secrecy is the foundational core of espionage and war. War is bad; therefore, secrecy is bad. The only way to have an everlasting world peace is for all secrecy to end. The occult and mystical secrets of ancient lore will be revealed so that humanity can end its constant struggle with violent emotions and behavior. Any organization that practices secrecy has something to hide. When any type of organized entity is hiding things, it is doing so for self-serving purposes that do not aid society at large. If these entities are to redeem themselves to humanity, they must let their hidden knowledge be known to all.

King Solomon and the Iron Worker by Christian Schussele (1863)

Because of the secrets that have been kept from humanity, the species has endured suffering for many millenia. Despite this overwhelmingly obvious fact, there are many who attempt to justify the retention of vital knowledge. These individuals are wrong. There is no reason to withhold the basic information about the facts that deal with the creation of the human species. However, these secrets will not remain secret. They are now being exposed to more and more people because of the advances in technology that allow information to be exchanged instantaneously between entities separated by massive distances.

There will be no more secrets. When the knowledge of the truth is released and perceived by humanity at large, many previous issues will no longer possess the importance that they once had. There will only be the reality that breathes within the souls of all living things. There will be more purity because the actuality of the real events of history will be known. Once the true history about humanity is revealed, every child will know how the human species was actually created; every child will know the truth about the human body.

When this truth is known, there will be calm within the heavens and balance upon the face of the earth.

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