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On the Passion of Creativity

by Lee Duane FitzSimmons

There are numerous reasons why different people create things. Many wish to gain attention and privilege, and many just feel a basic urge to create something. However, underneath all of these reasons there is a common thread. This commonality can be thought of as the "Will to Create." This concept is a fundamental truth about the basic essence of human existence that cannot be denied. Therefore, it behooves the species to study this idea in greater depth so that a better understanding of this concept can be perceived in a more precise manner.

The basic concept of the "Will to Create" can be thought of as a kind of passion. This assertion is especially true when this basic idea is applied directly to the human species. This passion is universal in its scope because it is the underlying feature of the will that encompasses every single thing that exists within the reality of the species. This passion is the primary driver for art, science, reproduction, spirituality, labor, and everything else that is known to humanity. Of course, there are many aspects to this passion that can be fathomed if this concept is broken down and further analyzed. This analyzation would be prudent in order to have a more complete understanding about some of the basic components of human existence.

Venus and Nymphs Bathing by Louis Jean-Francois Lagrenee (1776)

The passion for art is one of the more exquisite passions known to humanity. It is the desire to express the human perception of the cosmos in the most aesthetic and interesting way possible. The passion of art differs only slightly from the passion for scientific endeavor in the sense that scientific passion is the desire to create explanations about the human perception of the universe; however, there is also a type of scientific passion that desires to invent and create new things that enhance daily existence. It should also be realized that there is an overlap between the passions of art and science that allows them to merge as one.

This merging of scientific and artistic passions is similar to the merging of the two genders that causes new human life to exist; thus, one could then assert that everything that deals with human existence could be considered both an art and a science. Thus, the very nature of human existence is the basic expression that defines art, science, and the creation of new life and new ideas. When this type of consideration is correctly perceived, the universal unity that runs throughout the entire spectrum of human reality is made abundantly clear. To separate all of these various passions of creativity and place human reality into separate camps only causes the intuition and the intellect to realize that these passions should not be separated.

It makes far more sense to unify them into a more cohesive whole.

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