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On the Restoration of the Creative Flow

by Lee Duane FitzSimmons

Oftentimes, many creative individuals experience a type of blockage that restricts the creative flow. When this occurs, it is often very hard to overcome. In order to deal with this type of phenomenon, it becomes necessary to look for ways to overcome this cessation of inspirational passion. In order to accomplish this task, different solutions should be identified and then subsequently applied so that the creative process may be restored.

The first types of solutions that will be examined are those that are directly related to the field of creative endeavor with which the blockage has occurred. A new idea or conceptualization may be aroused if different types of creations within an individual's field of expertise are examined so that the artist is able to fathom some new or similar idea. Also, it is possible to view absolutely horrendous creations and receive inspiration by suddenly realizing what not to do. It is also possible to extract one or more components from a certain artistic piece and then use this extraction as the basis for a brand new artistic concoction.

Maler im Atelier mit Aktmodell by Francesco Beda (1882)

Other types of solutions that can be attempted are those that can be found by examining other fields of artistic endeavor in which an artist has little or no experience. When this type of examination is employed, it is often easier for the artist to focus on the actual spiritual nature that makes up the essence of the artistic creation that is being examined. When freed from all of the detailed minutia that goes into the creative process, the mind and soul are allowed to appreciate the true beauty of an artistic creation without being encumbered by an ocean of technical knowledge. Thus, a painter can listen to a fine composition and gain valuable insight because she/he is not necessarily thinking about all of the various compositional techniques in a way that a trained composer would. The same is also true of a composer looking at a great painting and appreciating its beauty without thinking about all of the various brush strokes and paints used in the creation of the work like a trained painter would do.

There are also other solutions that involve the examination of the creative process itself. When this sort of contemplation is performed, the muses of the artist often find new reasons to dance because new avenues of aesthetic and scientific thought can often be discovered merely by meditating upon the nature of creation. Thus, by studying this universal essence, one begins to think more imaginatively.

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