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On the Essence of Judgment

by Lee Duane FitzSimmons

Oftentimes, it is human nature to judge other members of the species. Unless one is careful to avoid such reflex reactions, such behavior can easily be perceived as the norm. In order to avoid such fallacy, each individual should take the steps necessary to insure that such debilitating thought patterns not be allowed to occur within the realms of one's mental and emotional activity. Therefore, several potential solutions will now be examined so that such errors can be avoided in order to allow the psyche complete and total freedom to access the more objective states of logic and reason.

The primary downfall of judgmental thought is the fact that an individual that performs this activity is bound (in both an emotional and spiritual sense) to the entity on which the judgment has been cast. It should also be realized that it does not matter if a judgment is positive or negative in nature. Once it has been made, a standard is set, and an individual making this judgment is bound to that standard unless the judgment that has been cast is revoked. Therefore, in order to retain a more independent state of intellectual and emotional existence, it is of utmost importance to avoid most types of judgments made against other individuals.

St. Lucy before the Judge by Lorenzo Lotto (1532)

This having been said, one of the most common forms of judgment that occurs in human reality is the negative judgment of a perceived human flaw or error. These sorts of judgments severely damage the mind, soul, and body of the individual making the judgment. The basic reason for this phenomenon is because of the superiority complex that begins to grow like a tumor within the psyche of the individual that succumbs to this type of mental and emotional activity. This superiority complex is extremely detrimental to the soul and causes severe damage because it causes the mind to draw erroneous conclusions and causes the emotions to be unstable.

Thus, it is imperative that any type of judgmental thought process not be allowed to occur so that further intellectual, emotional, and empathic improvements are allowed to flourish within one's vital essence. As long as judgmental thoughts are perceived as being dangerous, they can be more efficiently kept under control. This control should be maintained so that it eventually becomes intuitive and is permanently woven into the very fabric of an individual's being. Once this natural state of grace is found, there is a far greater chance that peaceful contentment will flourish within the soul.

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