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On the Correct Implementation of Philosophy

by Lee Duane FitzSimmons

Throughout the ages, philosophy has been used as a tool for numerous purposes. Many of these purposes have been evil. Oftentimes, philosophy has been used to justify dogmatic assertions that empower the military and political forces of oppressive regimes. It has also been used by evil sophists to exploit trusting individuals and gain unwarranted privilege. Whenever dogma is presented as philosophy, this evil usage is made abundantly clear for all rational minds to see. Now that there is a greater percentage of the population that can read, write, and communicate globally, such crude employment of philosophy is now seen for what it is and is not nearly as effective as it used to be.

Therefore, it would now be prudent to examine the more beneficial usages of philosophy. First, it can be used as a speculative tool that aids in the proper development of a more correct moral code. This quest for the highest ethical realms is one of the most virtuous uses of philosophy. This type of usage does not make dogmatic proclamations or blind assertions but instead continually asks questions that lead to even more questions. Thus, when the correct query is proposed, the correct solution may be found. Such is the nature of philosophy in its most pure and noble state.

Scholars Enjoying Tea by Nakabayashi Chikkei (19th century)

Philosophy can also be used as a tool to further the quest of knowledge. This employment of philosophy also asks continual questions and is quite similar to the use of philosophy described in the last paragraph. In addition, this type of philosophy can be used to supplement the production of both practical and aesthetic creations. When combined with the knowledge and activities of such procedures, correct philosophical speculation becomes an invaluable tool that is absolutely indispensable to the creative process. In fact, it would seem to be highly logical to refrain from drawing distinct boundaries between creative endeavor and philosophical speculation because the lines of distinction grow fuzzy and blurred when true progress is being made.

Finally, one of the most popular uses of philosophy is its application to spirituality and religion. Some of the most evil uses of philosophy occur within these realms; however, some of the most brilliant expressions of philosophy are found here as well. When philosophy is used by a questing individual to find spiritual truth, humanity has found a new member of philosophical royalty. All that is needed is for a person to ask honest and unbiased questions about existence and then search for the most truthful answers.

Everyone is potentially worthy to wear this noble crown.

* * *


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