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On Preparation

by Lee Duane FitzSimmons

When it comes to preparing for anything, one should not only long for the best of all possible outcomes but should also make plans for the worst-case scenarios as well. In fact, it could be said that making contingency plans for the worst possible outcomes will allow for an even greater enjoyment of the present moment. Knowing that the correct preparations have been made will also allow for a more certain relaxation of the mind, a gentler expression of the soul, and a more certain expression of peace.

However, such preparations should be timely. If they are not made within the correct time frame, then the entire process is in vain. Thus, when something unexpected does occur, everything is already in place. However, not all circumstances allow for a definitive starting point of potential calamity that can serve as a deadline for such preparations. If there is no such starting point, then the preparations will obviously need to be completed as soon as possible.

Shipwreck by Claude Joseph Vernet (1763)

Such preparations must also be adequate to fit the situation. If they are not, then there would seem to be little point in attempting them in the first place. Any element of a contingency plan must be suitable to accommodate whatever new changes are to occur when any unexpected event does happen. However, miscalculations are sometimes made, and the unexpected elements are more disruptive than what had been previously imagined. This scenario can also occur even when the worst-case scenario was taken into consideration when making contingency plans. Therefore, it would seem prudent to be conservative and overestimate the potential damage that might occur.

Underestimating the worst-case scenario can often occur if all of the facts and pertinent information are not present when formulating a solution and making a final decision on the matter. Therefore, it is highly important that all necessary facts be known in order to make the best decisions on any of these matters. However, an individual might not wish to admit that many of the pertinent facts are real because of a wide variety of emotional issues. If such is the case, then poor decisions will be made.

Thus, emotional honesty with oneself is crucial to the entire process.

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