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On Religious Dogmatism

by Lee Duane FitzSimmons

When it is understood that religious dogmatism is one of the most debilitating forces that has weakened and enfeebled the minds of the masses for several millennia, it becomes necessary to develop theories about why this phenomenon is so pervasive. Once these theories are developed and then subsequently examined, it would then seem prudent to attempt to develop solutions that would alleviate this massive imbalance found within the realms of human existence. These solutions should then be vehemently asserted and distributed so that this horrendous situation can eventually be eliminated.

Religious dogmatism allows the mind of an individual to be free from the burden of thought; most people are scared to think. In fact, most people would rather place themselves in mortal danger instead of being faced with the prospect of having to use the mind to make difficult decisions regarding various aspects of existence. This type of emotional mindset produces a slave mentality that is overly passive in nature and allows for mental stagnation to occur at a very early age when the intellectual facilities should be busy growing and developing.

Savonarola Preaching Against Prodigality by Ludwig von Langenmantel (1879)

Another reason why the evils of dogmatism are so profound is because of the emotional discomfort that is experienced by humanity concerning its natural essence. Because of this naturally occurring imbalance that is present within all members of the species, the proliferation of ready-made dogmatic philosophies are given very fertile ground with which to grow. As these tentacle-like extensions of dogmatic expression are spread throughout the globe, they become extremely powerful spiritual forces that ensnare the minds of millions and prohibit any sort of substantial intellectual development.

Thus, in order to overcome this situation, information and knowledge must not only be made abundant and available but must also be presented in a manner that encourages individual thought and speculation. Dogma is limited information that attempts to restrict freewill. Enlightenment is information that is converted into knowledge that is converted into empathy. Therefore, it is highly prudent to make sure that every member of the species has access to the most abundant forms of knowledge and information that are available. If there is any type of relevant information that is withheld, then this suppressed information could be a potential threat that will allow for the continuation of the evolutionary stagnation currently in existence on this planet.

However, once an adequate amount of relevant knowledge is available to every member of the species, it becomes the responsibility of each person to think in completely self-reliant manner. Every individual must not let anyone else answer the basic questions of existence, or else all is lost. Every individual must effectively manage the natural fear of having to deal with these questions, or else all is lost. Every individual must overcome, or else all is lost.

Every individual must dare to be free.

We do not have to live like slaves any more.

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