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The Spirituality of Education

by Lee Duane FitzSimmons

Learning is spiritual because it is just as important for your soul as it is for your intellect. So when you take learning to the highest level, and elements of knowledge become empathic, you make a spiritual connection to the metaphysical realms.

You should also be aware that knowledge distribution between teacher and student have been substantially enhanced because of the creation of new methods of information transmission. When you are aware of more things that are relevant, you will develop a far more universal understanding about knowledge and empathy.

spiritBy absorbing knowledge to the point where it becomes comfortably familiar, your intuitive faculties will grow in a way that does not use superstitious speculation and whimsical fancy.

This empathic development will allow for the creation of more new abilities. As these new talents are discovered and nurtured, they will eventually be developed into tools that will benefit all of humanity.

As the beauty of this new paradigm continues to grow, it will be the inspiration for many new visions of peace.

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