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On Anthropomorphism

- PART I -

by Lee Duane FitzSimmons

For many millenia, mankind has humanized the metaphysical energies of the heavenly bodies as a way of perceiving the massive amounts of intelligence and power contained within these entities. These anthropomorphic identifications make it possible to empathize with the heavenly energies by perceiving them in a more desirable way. By making the various elements of the cosmos take on human roles and desires, it becomes possible to realize how the heavenly entities may be better understood. This natural tendency of our species to humanize the heavenly is expressed in the Hermetic axiom “as above, so below.”

There are also other reasons why the heavenly energies are humanized. These reasons include the need to deal with severe emotional issues involved when one has to deal with the metaphysical realms. These emotional issues include the enormously strong emotional reactions that often invoke far-flung phantasmagorias that can easily obliterate any objective sense of reason and logic. Therefore, if one can reflect upon these realms in a manner that involves a very high degree of emotional self-control, then one can begin to create speculative notions. An assured calm is absolutely essential so that the true nature of an examined metaphysical force, entity, or energy may be more accurately known.

El descendimiento del Espiritu Santo

Too often, the individual that is examining or observing any sort of metaphysical phenomenon is merely attempting to cope with the loss of a beloved family member or friend. This type of behavior is completely normal. However, it should be remembered that this bias does exist and is usually the primary factor in the distortion of any relevant knowledge that might be revealed. Due to this type of bias that permeates the psyche of many individuals who are seeking information from these sorts of energies, it would seem logical that serious and scholarly endeavors only be attempted by individuals who are not overly biased in this manner.

Another influencer is the bias of a researcher that is faced with issues of possible mortality or is suffering from some type of severe injury. When these types of circumstances are in play, the researcher’s motives are usually easily determined; the subjective bias factor once again rears its ugly head. Of course, any individual who has legitimate health concerns should be intimately aware that such factors will almost certainly have a profound influence on any research that is conducted.

Therefore, when a clever and persistent observer is attempting to acquire some type of perception into these realms, it should be realized that there are many options. There are the obvious choices, and there are many that have likely not been considered. There is also the chance that there could be deceit or trickery occurring at any number of levels in the process. The number of possibilities is overwhelming.

If possible, all options should be considered so that the empathic faculties remain within the control of the individual.

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