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On the Botanical Sources of Metaphysical Energy

by Lee Duane FitzSimmons

Throughout the centuries, mankind has attempted to better understand and control the various metaphysical forces present within the universe. These attempts include Judeo-Christian prayer, pagan spell casting, Bronze Age idol worship, and shamanistic rituals. When analyzing these different types of expressions, it becomes necessary to define what these metaphysical forces might be. These energies would include electromagnetic frequencies, radio waves, biological currents, various types of radiation, gravitational forces, and many other kinds of energy manifestations that have yet to be detected. Even though many of these more subtle forms of energy may not yet be detectable by scientific methods, they would still be part of reality.

Earthbound sources of spiritual energy would include the earth energies emanating from plants, trees, rocks, soil, bodies of water, clouds, etc. Any of these sources could be some aspect of a legitimate explanation for many possible types of metaphysical activities. This type of reasoning would be highly plausible especially in areas where such life is concentrated to an extremely high degree. These concentrations would include forests, swamps, dense coral reefs, and jungles. The biological energy from plants could very well possess a type of intelligence or empathic energy of some sort that has yet to be discovered or detected by scientific methods. This basic hypothesis is further strengthened to a much greater degree when one considers the behavior of the Venus flytrap and its ability to ensnare prey with actual movement that mimics animal behavior.

Hyalas and the Nymphs by John William Waterhouse (1896)

As an example of this concept, it would be prudent to consider the high concentrations of biological currents that emanate from an ecosystem such as a swamp or a forest stream. One should then consider the vast amounts of microbial life that would be living in such an area. It would now be possible to imagine the swamp gas and other types of factors that would affect the general ambience of such a place. With all of this life and energy brewing in such an ecosystem, it would seem rather easy to theorize that there could be all types of frequencies given off by such a locale. There could also be a central spiritual essence of some sort that is generated by this high concentration of biological energy within this ecosystem. It could also be the case that some type of spiritual entity is the actual source of life of such a densely populated ecosystem. One could then speculate that if this entity for some reason or another were to be removed from this region, then its core essence would soon perish.

In fact, there are many legends and fairy tales that express this same idea in the context of a forest being a magical place full of hidden life and mirth, populated with dryads and faeries dancing around sentient trees that serve as shelters for populations of woodland elves and other forest folk. It is well known that most traditions are based on legends that contain at least some small snippet of truth. This would most likely be the case when it comes to all of the vast uncharted spiritual activity present in woodlands all over the earth. Also, the existence of some type of overall spiritual entity that is the core center of a woodland’s essence could very well be the actual reality of a forest’s true nature.

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