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On the Metaphysical Energy of Water

by Lee Duane FitzSimmons

Water is filled with spiritual energy manifestations. While there has always been speculation about elemental spirits of earth, water, air, and fire, it is especially logical to consider water since it is the primary element required for life in the universe as we know it. Thus, it would make perfect sense that any type of pond, river, brook, or stream could also be the source of many different types of metaphysical entities. The body of water could either be a type of physical manifestation of an entity or could serve as an energy source for a wide variety of smaller spirit forms. Homer describes this type of phenomenon in The Iliad when Achilles battles an actual river.

If such were the case with bodies of fresh water, then the same would also be able to be said about the seas and oceans that populate three-fourths of the surface area of this planet. In fact, it could very well be postulated that there are not only vast communities of sea spirits but that there are also numerous different types of energies that pull and manipulate the waters in addition to the magnetisms of Luna. Many of these entities or forces are probably the inspirations for many of the songs sung by sailors over the centuries.

Actaea, the Nymph of the Shore by Frederic Leighton (1853)

The water that lies on the planet’s surface evaporates and forms clouds of vapor, which is the combination of water and air. The various gases of oxygen, hydrogen, and nitrogen that are found in high abundance in the atmosphere of Terra could also be potential sources for metaphysical activity. This vapor could also be some type of metaphysical activity or a physical object that could be manipulated by some spirit force. Different types of clouds could be temporary forms taken on by different types of spiritual creatures, or they could be tools for such beings to manipulate. Due to the wide abundance of different cloud shapes and the occasional appearance of lightning, this type of speculation makes logical and aesthetic sense and is in full accordance with many tales, folklore traditions, and religions of the world.

Thus, it could be said that all of these types of speculations are in full accordance with the basic nature of the universe.

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