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On the Empathic Essence of Lost Knowledge

by Lee Duane FitzSimmons

Empathic spirituality is an extremely primordial essence. It is quite normal once the multi-hued curtains of ceremonial drapery are stripped away. Such is the true essence of actual wisdom; it is very common and very regular. In fact, true progress is often made when large portions of traditional wisdom are discarded. This reduction in the amount of clutter within one’s spiritual sanctuary often allows for the truly illuminating treasures to glow even more brilliantly.

The reasons for these occurences are multi-faceted because the applications of many of the traditional wisdom teachings will vary drastically from individual to individual. Oftentimes, many of the traditional philosophical guidelines espoused by the numerous sages throughout the centuries are far too general to be applied as absolutes. In fact, the only times that most philosophical assertions can be used in a strict dogmatic context is when they are applied to very limited conditions that allow for precise determinations to be made within the strict boundaries of extremely well-defined circumstances.

Alegro (Sonata of the Pyramids) by Mikalojus Ciurlionis (1909)

Due to this weakness that is present within philosophical axioms and the assertion of religious dogma, it becomes even more necessary to find balanced solutions that are able to render aid. Thus, it becomes necessary to identify the exact nature of what it is that should be achieved so that only the exact amount of clarity is used. In this way, there is a greater chance that the precise mechanisms will reveal themselves in a helpful way that truly adds the assistance that is desired.

The key components necessary to build basic philosophical concepts involve the theme of remembrance. By remembering where the human species came from and how its subsequent development occurred over the centuries, more sensible ideas about current improvement techniques can be made. Such remembrance could be termed “Empathic Gnosis.” This ability is the state of being intuitively familiar with the true origins of our species so that positive psychological and physiological adjustments can be found.

Because there have been numerous civilizations that existed before the current Iron and Bronze Ages, some of the most advanced wisdom about the human condition is far older than previously imagined. Although this wisdom was gradually altered throughout the aeons as various types of planetary and biological changes occurred, it still retains a basic core essence. It is this core essence that is the vital treasure of all philosophy.

Such wisdom is timeless in nature and is just as relevant today as it was several millenia ago. Thus, it would make sense to analyze the various writings and traditions of the ancients so as to regain this hidden wisdom that deals with the very nature of humanity. This wisdom would be vital for all individuals so that everyone would be able to contribute to the continued preservation and development of the species. Such knowledge would not be stagnant but would instead be in a state of constant growth that would allow it to be both relevant and necessary at any given moment in time

Thus, the purpose of this purest form of knowledge is not limited to reclaiming past wisdom; it also includes new applications of this knowledge. Because a great deal of this knowledge is already known to many, the reclamation process would primarily consist of analyzing different systems of conceptual thought in order to see where the differences and commonalities lie. It is through this process of analysis that true progress can be made.

It would also be imperative to note that such underlying gnosis permeating the fabric of any species would often reveal itself in a way that could be best described as subconscious or intuitive. Therefore, the revelation of such knowledge will often involve the use of highly questionable methods. Many of these methods would be likely to succumb to error in order to provide outcomes favoring some sort of predetermined conclusion. Such is the nature of intuitive inquiries; this aspect of the intuitive process is a very common flaw inherent within the species. Therefore, it would behoove the searcher of such types of empathic communication to place as many of the divinatory systems in parallel with each other in order to see if a more certain validity can be gained through such analysis.

With this type of cross-referencing, it becomes more obvious if any real type of vision or intuition has been gained.

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