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On the Development of Freewill

by Lee Duane FitzSimmons

Throughout the years, the vast majority of books dealing with occult and spiritual topics have been nothing more than psychological training manuals and self-help guides dressed up with metaphysical and esoteric language, so the reader can feel as though some type of spiritual renaissance will occur if the book is bought and its pages read. Such is the passive nature of humanity when it comes to dealing with these profoundly difficult issues that everyone must either face directly or delegate away to some higher authority. Obviously, most choose the latter because it can quickly alleviate fear and bring instant peace that is oftentimes necessary to restore physical and psychological balance.

However, it is important to realize that there are consequences when delegating away these important responsibilities of spiritual awareness to a perceived authoritative figure. It does not matter if this figure is some type of deity, a pagan goddess, a dogmatic philosophical creed, atheistic science, or a charismatic leader. One should also bear in mind that such measures are usually only temporary at best and can be easily demolished in any number of ways. The only permanent and true solution is to work out these issues in such a way that no other component other than the individual's freewill is ever needed.

A Fishing Party by Robert Hubert (1808)

Therefore, it is of utmost importance that the intellectual ability and emotional intelligence of every sovereign being be developed in a way that requires no external source. Of course, external ideas and inspirational concepts can be thoroughly enjoyed and incorporated into an individual's amalgamation of logical reason and creative fancy. However, the amalgamation itself and its continual care should still be retained firmly and securely within the freewill of the individual.

This basic understanding of complete and total self-reliance is the core foundation upon which the entire system of hermetic wisdom is constructed. The very word hermetic is derived from an etymological source that means "to seal" or "to consecrate" by isolating something from external influences. It is this basic idea that allows true power and genuine knowledge to flourish within the intellect. This fundamental concept also allows for a more thorough understanding and enjoyment of external forms of knowledge and entertainment without the mind becoming corrupted or degenerated in the process. 

Thus, legitimate tools can be developed that allow for the building of real and genuine skills that will lead to true improvements in an individual’s reality. Obviously, this type of positive growth cannot be gained merely by consulting with another individual (teacher, counselor, guru, etc.) or by reading a book. However, informative guides that help to eliminate many of the perils often encountered would be invaluable. These guides should also be able to provide true beacons of logical reason that would assist the navigator lost in the sea of creative phantasmagorias back to stable shores of certainty. Once docked in a secure harbor on one of these stable shores, one’s ship of imaginative endeavor can repair its sails and prepare for a fresh new excursion back into the unknown void of the infinite.

Therefore, the primary purpose of any sort of true guide would be to provide the reader with basic keys that allow for the serpentine wisdom of the ancients to not only be revealed but to also be employed more effectively. Such a source guide for these types of realms has not yet been written in such a way that unites most of the popular systems of metaphysical speculation and manipulation. These guides would vary from individual to individual and would depend on the particular need for each situation. Since these guides would merely be catalysts, they can be identified when they help an individual perceive the commonality present within human creation so that it is no longer cloaked or concealed by the veils of mystical bedazzlement.

Therefore, let each individual create her/his own guide.

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Copyright 2013 by Lee Fitzsimmons