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On the Reflective Essence of Silver

by Lee Duane FitzSimmons

Silver possesses a dual nature that encompasses both the pragmatic and aesthetic realms. When its price is speculated in the markets, traders often consider this dual role because it is generally considered to be an industrial metal as well as an important element used in the creation of jewelry. It is also fascinating to note that it is used in a hybrid manner that is both industrial and aesthetic when it is used in mirrors, movie screens, and monitors to capture the essence of feminine beauty.

Silver is also responsible for the natural well-being of the human body. Modern science is just now discovering that the trace amounts of silver in the body serve an important biological role in the overall functioning of human health. As of now, research has shown that trace amounts of silver do interact with harmful free copper (the neurotoxic form of copper found in the body) and might play a role in effectively dealing with this imbalance. Likewise, copper is known to aid in reducing the levels of silver toxicity that occur when there is excess silver present in the body. This inverse relationship between these two metals in the human body further justifies the ancient wisdom that states that there is an intimate association that exists between these two metals. Thus, there is more evidence of the strong relationship between the feminine essences of Venus and Luna, which are the two planets associated with copper and silver.

Portrait of Leonilla, Princess of Sayn Wittgenstein by Franz Xaver Winterhalter (1843)

Silver is the best conductor of electricity and heat. Therefore, the ancient assertion that claims that it is an intermediary of energy between the elements is more than justified when its superior ability to transfer energy is logically examined and scientifically acknowledged. Therefore, it could be asserted that the basic essence of silver is that of conductivity in its many forms. When this metal is used in practical and technological purposes, one of its many roles is that of reflection in order to extend the process of vision. This type of behavior can also be viewed as highly conductive in nature. When the beauty that is reflected from the silver within a mirror, movie screen, television screen, or monitor is then reflected into the eyes, the individual perceiving this reflection then experiences inspiration due to the new ideas that are stirred up within the imagination as the beholder drinks in the beauty of the vision that is presented.

Therefore, silver is the best conductor of energy as well as the best conductor of beauty.

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