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On the Usage of Etymology

by Lee Duane FitzSimmons

There is an area of study that holds a great amount of potential for providing more assured guides when one attempts to understand the basic nature of humanity. This realm of endeavor provides resources that are the perfect compliment to any type of intuitive speculation. In fact, this science links humanity to the sonic nature of the heavens. This science is etymology.

By using sound to express the basic aspects of reality, humanity was able to evolve to a higher level. In addition, the human species was also able to increase the vital essence of the spoken word by using a set of visual symbols derived from geometric design and its inherent quantitative properties. Humanity would then transcend the time-space continuum with its communicative abilities.

Thus, civilizations are able to grow as more and more complex technologies and activities become reality. The written word aids in this development of human growth and societal evolution. It is with the use of these lexical weapons that the tyranny enslaving humanity will be overthrown. With the aid of the printing press and the internet, more individuals are capable of receiving and distributing knowledge in a far more effective manner.

The Last Supper by Daniel Crespi (1625)

There is also a mathematical and symmetrical relevance to the written word that makes it the perfect tool for discovering all types of new information. Language and letters may be used in the random and superstitious ways of the primitive fortune-teller or shaman, and they be employed in very logical ways by the inquisitive scientist intent on studying the various qualities of the sounds represented by each of the symbols. Each letter possesses various traits that can be linked to very distinct objects, places, qualities, and concepts. These attributes can be scientifically classified and analyzed with various empirical processes.

In addition, if one begins to examine all of the developments of speech in a broader historical sense, then real developments can be made. Such is the science of etymology and all of the related fields of lexicology and linguistics. By studying the sound of each letter, it becomes possible to speculate on the true nature of humanity by using both aesthetic and empirical strategies.

From primitive hieroglyphic symbols to the basic development of the alphabet, etymology provides very fertile soil that has yet to be planted with the seeds of the speculative intellect. It would also be important to understand that the yield from deliberately planted crops might not be all that there is to be found; stray weeds could also provide some new type of insight. Such is the essence of true virtue and knowledge; it knows no boundaries. Such is the spirit of the wisdom.

Such is the spirit of truth...

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