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On the Expression of Artistic Design

by Lee Duane FitzSimmons

When it comes to the philosophy of artistic expression, there are many avenues of creative design that are available to be explored. It seems only natural to want to delve into the most fruitful of these paths where one may find many low-hanging branches filled with the exquisitely ripened fruit of artistic inspiration. Oftentimes, these trees of creative goodness remain rather aloof and difficult to locate. In order to remedy this situation, there are many options available to the seeker who retains an open mind as well as an open heart.

First, there is the option of taking on multiple projects. By doing this, one has a chance to let well-developed projects rest and mature. Quite often, the projects that have developed to a later stage have consumed numerous hours and are in the final phases of maturity. Sometimes, these projects are in the stages where there is only detailed minutia that needs to be tweaked and adjusted so that the final polish can be applied. These last bits of detail are often some of the most crucial aspects of the creative process and can make the difference between a masterpiece and another mundane work; however, these last bits of final detail often consume large amounts of time to complete and are often very tedious. As a way to alleviate some of the frustration and discomfort associated with this process, a completely new project can provide fresh relief for one's muses (especially the tragic energies of Melpomene) so that no blockage of the creative currents will ensue.

Morpheus and Iris by Guerin Pierre Narcisse (1811)

Secondly, there is the option of simultaneously pursuing multiple projects that are only slightly different. After each work has been developed to a certain stage, the works with more potential will become more apparent. In this way, the imagination has more room to dance and play so that more grapes of aesthetic pleasure may be plucked from the vine of the heart. This method is very good for ideas that are highly empathic and inspirational yet lack the sense of development needed to create a completed work of art. With this process, this developmental aspect can be better exposed when many similar ideas reach a higher level of creative maturity.

Another avenue of developing creative ideals can be explored by working on multiple projects from different areas of artistic endeavor that contain a similar theme. A good example would be a song about roses, a painting that displays roses, and a tale that incorporates ideas associated with roses. Even if the technical skills of the creator are slightly underdeveloped in one or more of these artistic disciplines, this lack of skill does not matter if one is merely trying to stimulate the creative process in the discipline where one does possess a high degree of technical proficiency. This type of artistic stimulation can also work with projects that are not necessarily linked by a common theme because some idea or whim might trigger a catalyst that sparks some new speculation about a completely different notion that permits further development elsewhere.

However, whatever type of creative idea is used, the realms of these newly found artistic grounds are always waiting to be filled with the seedlings of fresh inspiration that will eventually grow into vast orchards of aesthetic reality.

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