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On the Observation of Tradition

by Lee Duane FitzSimmons

It cannot be denied that the repetitive behaviors of societies influence the basic factors that make up the core essence of the collective consciousness. This effect is amplified when these behaviors are similar amongst numerous civilizations across the globe. This effect is amplified even further when these behaviors remain similar throughout the centuries. Therefore, it would seem logical to analyze these repetitive behaviors and the beliefs from which they originate so as to gain a better understanding about these vital natures of humanity.

First, it would be necessary to identify these repetitive traits, so they can be further analyzed and studied. These studies should include the practical natures of these behaviors as their primary elements. Once these traits and their practical uses have been identified, the underlying belief structures used to justify these behaviors should be examined. More often than not, the practical reasons for these behaviors can be seen as being the dominant influence on the philosophical and religious paradigms that seek to further enhance and justify these traditions.

King Drinks by Jacob Jordaens (1640)

Thus, various cultural and spiritual ideals often stem from the simple pragmatism of daily existence. While this assertion might lack the excitement and mystical bedazzlement that so often accompanies excursions into the more aesthetic realms of spirituality, it does have a strong sense of rational logic behind it that makes it very difficult to debate. However, the obvious answers are often eliminated because some type of magical element (usually metaphysical in nature) is desired. These desires for magical elements are quite normal and should be expected. Thus, this factor needs to be taken into consideration when this subject is to be more objectively analyzed by a skeptical entity that is seeking actual truth and is not merely toying with various informational components so as to create whimsical flights of imaginative fancy.

Instead of disregarding the simple solutions in favor of a more mystical and bedazzling paranormal explanation, the simple solutions should be embraced and used as guides to pursue any type of phenomenon that might contain more exciting elements of reality. The simplistic explanations serve as a type of editing tool that allows the questing soul to sort out the wheat from the chaff so that a more fertile search area can be found. Therefore, if the simple and practical explanations for common traditions are applied to the belief systems that support these repetitive actions, then the unexplained elements that still remain will provide very fertile soil for further objective observation.

It is in this soil that one can plant the seeds of exploration that seek to find truly amazing elements of reality that are actual substantive manifestations and not merely phantasmagorias of an overactive imagination.

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