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On the Application of Ideas to the Creative Process

by Lee Duane FitzSimmons

When contemplating the realms of the Platonic forms, it is vital to consider ways in which these notions can be applied practically to the creative process. Obviously, there are many ways that an individual can customize a set of aesthetic and/or logical notions to be more useful in real world settings. However, if these ideas are not expressed well, then they will be much harder to apply; if these ideas are not applied, then they are completely and utterly useless.

Therefore, it would seem necessary for an individual to specify the most important aspects of a set of ideas that apply specifically to certain situations. In order to accomplish this goal, it would also be necessary to first list the broadest categories of these concepts so that they can be more finely tuned. Once these basic ideas have been identified, it becomes very important to define them completely so that they have a more stabilized foundation. It should be remembered that these collections of explanations should be constructed with the idea that they will be severely edited down into much smaller forms, so any excess material that might deserve merit can be included at this stage of the process.

Allegory by Antonio de Pereda (1654)

The editing of these knowledge structures may now begin. At this point, all of the data can be classified and modified so that the very best expressions of detail may be used in the final processes that require this detail to be united with practical reality. There are also several variables that determine exactly how much elucidation will be necessary. The real life scenarios to which the conceptualizations will be applied will probably play just as large a role in this process as the various abilities and goals of the individual contemplating these elucidations.

Once the preparations of these creative ideals are in place, it will then be necessary to test and retest these ideas by actually applying them to practical situations. It is this testing that requires the most discipline. Because of the very high failure rate of most newly concocted ideas, this testing is likely to cause a great deal of frustration. It is this testing that causes the lofty flights of imagination to come crashing down to Earth as the wings of Icarus begin to fail. However, the true test of character is the ability to begin once again and continue this process.

This ability to continue this process is what separates the dreamers from the doers...

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