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On the Use of Objective Logic to Develop Empathy

by Lee Duane FitzSimmons

Many refer to the essence of empathy by using simple colloquial expressions such as "gut feelings" and "in my heart." It is with these notions that the basic natures of human knowledge and emotion are understood. It is with these intuitive faculties that many of the basic decisions about life are made by most. While some of the more disciplined intellectuals of society use various levels of objectivity as a supplement to their basic subjective cognitions, they still rely on intuition and empathy as basic drives for the majority of most of their decision making.

In fact, if objective reasoning produces a counterintuitive solution that is in opposition to one's empathic faculties, then most individuals become disturbed and are at odds with themselves in a very literal sense. It is as if the angels of the heart are fighting with the demons of the mind. When such is the case, most viable solutions are usually found only after more information is either gained and/or processed so that a more complete understanding of the situation is obtained. Oftentimes, lack of correct information is the primary culprit that is responsible for causing this disturbance; however, incorrect perception of knowledge can also incite this war between the angels of emotion and the demons of the intellect.

Diana and Callisto by Palma Vecchio (1528)

This having been said, almost all decisions are based on empathic notions. Therefore, it would seem like a worthy endeavor to improve one's sense of intuition and one's empathic abilities so that better life choices can be made. One of the core foundational elements to improving the basic powers of one's empathic currents is by developing a strong sense of moral imperative that agrees completely with one's empathic energies. These moral conceptualizations are developed by each individual and can be further refined by studying ideas that have withstood the test of time. The next step consists of assimilating the most worthy and relevant concepts and then figuring out how to create one's own amalgamation of ethical ideals.

Only by creating a tailor-made set of ideas for oneself can any individual correctly achieve a truly honest set of moral values that is in complete harmony with the most basic and primal intuitive faculties present within the psyche. Adopting prefabricated moral laws wholeheartedly without carefully dissecting them and making sure that they are correctly in alignment with one's own intuitive nature often leads to internal conflict. This phenomenon occurs because some elements of these ready-made sets of moral code do not resonate fully with an individual's own personal empathic energies.

It is often forgotten that it is possible to accept only those portions of moral instruction that align completely with one's own personal intuitive faculties. Using this method, it is possible to construct an amalgamation that is completely synchronized with the essence of one's intuitive and emotional core. Using this method, it is possible to build an emotional foundation that rings true with the logical rationalization of the intellect. Using this method, it is possible to strengthen one's empathy.

Using this method, it is easier to stabilize the soul...

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