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On the Fallacies of Cosmological Theories

by Lee Duane FitzSimmons

Some of the current scientific paradigms are centered around the Big Bang theory. This aberration of logic permeates many of the philosophies and basic foundational structures that seek to explain the universe and its functions. The paradigms that are created from this erroneous form of logic paralyze the collective intellect of humanity so as to allow oppression and warfare that increases the privilege of the warmongering elite. All of this having been said, there is only one reason why these paradigms are effective:

This reason is fear.

Whenever an individual's mind attempts to conceptualize the infinite realms of the cosmos and the utterly indisputable fact that the universe is without beginning or end, fear overwhelms the thought process, and the mind begins to quickly search for a way to deal with this undesirable concept. Most people cannot deal with the concept of infinity. Considering the idea that the cosmos has had no beginning and will have no end is the primary conceptualization that has filled the hearts of humanity with terror for millenia.

The Last Judgment by Pieter Huys (1555)

In order to deal with this overwhelming fear, many types of belief paradigms have been constructed in order to deal with this basic flaw of the human emotions. It is this fundamental flaw in humanity's basic empathic structure that has caused such erroneous ideals to permeate the basic paradigms of knowledge. When confronted with these fear-based emotional boundaries, humanity has constructed all types of philosophical, scientific, and religious edifices of explanatory strategies that seek to eradicate the infinite void and replace it with finite justifications of reality. In other words, humanity has always shunned the concept of infinity and embraced finite explanations of the cosmos because these explanations are easily comprehended and allow the intellect to focus on practical matters that deal with the struggle of daily existence.

This reason is why reducing the infinite universe into finite realms is appealing to the empathic faculties of most individuals. In order for most people to effectively deal with the difficulties of everyday existence, the mind must devote most of its resources in order to handle all of the problems that are encountered on a daily basis. When the mind is paralyzed by fear, these problems become harder to manage. Therefore, the intuition naturally searches for the most effective ways to put aside these innate fears so that the practical aspects of survival can receive the proper amount of attention.

There is one major drawback to these overly simplistic and illogical paradigms that seek to explain the cosmos; this drawback is the crippling effect that these beliefs have on scientific endeavor. When science is deprived from truth, it cannot make proper and necessary advancements. When science is deprived from truth, it gradually stagnates and eventually becomes irrelevant. When science is deprived from truth, it becomes counterproductive and is used as a tool to oppress instead of enlighten.

When science is deprived from truth, it leads to war instead of peace.

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