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On the Use of Socratic Irony

by Lee Duane FitzSimmons

Oftentimes, the use of Socratic irony is helpful in the exposing of falsehoods that are used to further the agendas of certain entities. This phenomenon occurs because the subtle nuances of these techniques are lost on individuals with lower than average creative facilities. The more artistic and empathic souls can then take these cleverly disguised messages that only they perceive correctly and then reinforce the message's basic principles by applying their own creative ideas.

In this way, those who would be opposed to an attack on their paradigms of deceit would not be as likely to counter such an attack because a great majority of such individuals would not be aware that an attack has occurred at all. Since the vast majority of individuals involved with such methods of manipulation are driven by enormous levels of pride and self-confidence, they are often unaware of the possible threats that emanate from these seemingly harmless sources. Thus, these sources remain unnoticed for the most part.

Benjamin Moreland, High Master of St. Paul's School by John Smybert (1624)

The stealth allowed by the techniques of Socratic irony empowers individuals attempting to undermine the false paradigms of those with enormous privilege. This empowement usually allows these attacks to remain undetected due to the self-deprecation used in these methods. This stealth further allows for the possible extraction of valuable information from overly-privileged entities by the inflation of their egos so that their arrogance may be increased to unhealthy proportions that often embolden their swagger and loosen their tongues. Therefore, an individual pretending to be a submissive weakling playing the role of devil's advocate can often glean extremely large quantities of highly useful information. This scenario can also be reversed if the use of Socratic irony is suspected.

Thus, the superior role of empathy over logical reasoning can be seen with these techniques. All of the technical knowledge gained by diligent study can easily be misdirected or subverted with a simple manipulation of emotional energy. Thus, the vast importance of emotional intelligence cannot be overstated.

Thus, the intuition of the soul reigns supreme.

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