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On the Nature of False Magnetism

by Lee Duane FitzSimmons

The biggest types of fraud perpetrated in the Iron Age are the false claims of magnetism from both self-proclaimed experts and those endorsed by major institutions. These fraudulent attempts at magnetic manipulation are almost always accompanied by attempts to gain privilege and financial reward. Thus, any individual that demands any type of payment is almost always an imposter and not capable of performing any type of magnetic manipulation. True masters of the magnetic arts know that having any type of payment rendered for these services diminishes the ability to maneuver currents or affect the magnetic fields due to the misplaced emotional emphasis that occurs when financial rewards are anticipated. Voluntary donations given after a successful energy manipulation are a different matter and will not usually affect a magnetist's ability.

The reason why this type of fraud has proliferated so greatly is because of the dominant masculine currents of the Iron Age. Most of humanity lacks the ability to percieve various serpentine energies that emanate from the vibratory essence of Venus and Jupiter. These serpentine abilities are nonexistent in a great percentage of humanity, and those rare individuals that do possess genuine ability in these fields are often killed or discredited. Almost all of the alleged magnetists that have proliferated in the last two thousand years have absolutely no true ability and have been able to promote their deceitful craft because of the vast ignorance of the population at large. Ironically, this ignorance also extends to a very large percentage of human females and is not a defect found exclusively in the males of the species.

The currents of the Iron Age focus on the liquid essence of the diurnal flow that emanates from Mars and Mercury. These currents favor commerce and the competitive drive of the masculine energies. While these currents do have empathic sensitivities that are conducive to the aesthetic worlds of the arts and sciences, they have been corrupted to favor the iron realms of the Mars frequencies at the expense of the Venusian energies. Therefore, it is up to each individual to be aware of this state of reality so that the proper adjustments can be formulated and put into action within one's daily existence.

It is also necessary to note that the magnetic serpentine currents of the Venusian and Jovian realms have been associated with evil. In this context, evil can be defined as short-term rewards that are detrimental to the species. These types of short-term benefits are usually gained at the expense of longer lasting benefits. However, it should be realized that the serpentine currents do not have to be used for evil and are capable of being used for goodness that benefits humanity. Unfortunately, most people perceive that these currents can only be used for evil. This incorrect perception is present to a great degree in a large percentage of the species due to the overall imbalances that have been present in the Iron Age; this age is now finally coming to an end.

Therefore, it is up to each individual to manifest the necessary change needed to bring back balance to humanity.

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