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On the Evocation of Symbolism

by Lee Duane FitzSimmons

When evoking symbols, it becomes possible to create highly deceptive types of manipulative tools that can often be turned against their creator if they are employed to such a degree where they become part of the cultural fabric within a civilization. Any use of symbolism is a very risky proposition, and they should never be a used as a tool that is necessary for the basic functioning of an overall system in which the symbolism is to reside. Even if the symbolism is to be used as only a type of entertainment, it should be realized that this can often be changed just as easily as any other element that is either connected to or associated with any type of symbolic creation or device.

Even if the original meanings of the symbols are only proliferated within certain elite groups as a form of insider knowledge, these symbols can be easily manipulated by anyone outside of these organizations into anything else that is desired by any other individual. This would also include the use of a symbol as a rallying point of opposition to the entity or entities that originally created the symbol in the first place. All that is needed is an idea that is implemented and spread thoroughly throughout society to a sufficient degree.

Christ Child with Passion Symbols - Late 17th century (artist unknown)

So when any type of organization or group employs a heavy use of symbolism to either promote or mask its ideals and/or policies, it should be instantly realized that this entity runs a very high risk of having these tools of creative sophistry turned against their creator with the greatest of ease. Even if the true and original meanings of these symbols are never revealed to any outside party, the symbols themselves can have any new meaning assigned to them and then be used to create any type of outcome. If the original meaning of the symbols (or disinformation about the true meaning of the symbols) is leaked to any outside sources, then this information can also be used as creative fuel in both creating new meaning for the symbols and providing new avenues for the distribution of these new meanings.

Therefore, the use of symbols for any type of manipulation of human thought is a double-edged sword that can wound any of the parties involved with such activities.

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