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On the Proliferation of New Paradigms

by Lee Duane FitzSimmons

As with any type of new addition to society, the spread of a new paradigm is often met with trepidation because of the numerous changes that must be made in order to accommodate this new understanding. Quite often, different philosophical and/or religious ideals must be added, eliminated, or altered in some way in order for any new perception of reality to be correctly cognized. Quite often, different economic arrangements must also be made so that commerce can continue without being impeded by the new reality. Quite often, it is the disruption of the financial interests that thrive on the basic tenets of the older paradigms that often attempt to oppress the proliferation of newer paradigms that will either belittle or eliminate the older ones.

Because of vested financial interests that depend on the inaccuracies and mistruths of the older and inferior belief structures, the newer and more accurate reality-based understandings do not spread as quickly as they should. The accommodative process must also allow for certain entities to either adjust to the new understandings or simply die off because the spread of new cognitions of reality often occur over several decades. Generally, the collective conscience will gradually shift so that no undue harm occurs within a civilization. In this way, the stress that would naturally occur within such shifts can be avoided when the transitory process is stretched out over a greater period of time.

The Symposium by Anselm Feuerbach (1874)

Sometimes, however, the luxury of a more gradual transition is not an option. When these types of situations do occur, there can often be great disruptions that are often very harmful. Unfortunately, these disruptions often lead to war. When these situations cannot be avoided, it would be prudent to locate any entity that has figured out how to spread the new paradigm so that the amount of stress associated with the shifting process is reduced. When such entities are found, any beneficial information they possess should be exposed as quickly as possible.

However, due to the very nature of the cosmos, there is often information that will naturally be disseminated in times of crisis and will not require any assistance being distributed. This phenomenon tends to occur when the nature of the information is an element that has been ordained by the cosmos to be universally accepted by humanity. When these situations occur, the power of all political organizations is trumped and a new element of truth is given to the world. Thus, when the universe decides that an element of truth will be accepted, it will be accepted, and there is nothing that any political, religious, or financial entity can do about it.


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