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On the Degradation of the Fine Arts

by Lee Duane FitzSimmons

The basic essence of art, especially music, is something that is very spiritual to a large number of people. When things are designed and created to evoke an aesthetic response, the spiritual sensitivities of many perceiving such creations are blessed with the experience of having perceived these artistic creations in a way that further enlightens and strengthens the soul. This spiritual nature of art also extends into the creative process itself. From the moment of inspiration to the completion of a project, the entire artistic process is filled with the ecstatic energy of the artist fulfilling a dream.

However, there are many artists who are unskilled with the technical disciplines needed to create magnificent works of art. With the deterioration of culture that began in the early twentieth century, there were many of these inferior artists who tried to justify inferior artistic creations as being things that should be perceived as having high artistic merit. Unfortunately, this situation led to a widespread lack of interest in the fine arts as pieces of artistic rubbish were allowed to infiltrate the various art scenes as being "true works of art" when they were nothing more than vile excuses for severe lack of talent and discipline. This degradation of artistic quality also occurred in the realms of musical creation. This degradation of artistic quality continues to this very day.

This having been said, it should be noted that an unskilled amateur creating a work of art for fun and as an exercise to improve one's technique is a beautiful thing. The calamity occurs when this process is interrupted, and an inferior work is portrayed as being aesthetically pleasant when it is obviously not. Therefore, it would make sense that such works should be seen for what they are and not be perceived as being creations of aesthetic worth. However, there are many unbalanced individuals in academia who promote questionable philosophies of fairness and equality in order to justify the claims that inferior works of artistic endeavor should be perceived as having aesthetic merit.

In order to offset these vile sophistic techniques, it behooves the members of any rational and logical society to allow the pure and unadulterated perception of true beauty to reign supreme. If something is not perceived in an aesthetic manner, then it is not perceived in an aesthetic manner. There is no need to be "fair" or "equal." If an unskilled artist (or even a skilled one) produces an inferior work, then that work should NOT be harshly criticized as being of poor quality as long as it is not incorrectly promoted as such. Instead, it should be rewarded for the things that are good in the work.

By taking these logical steps, the true beauty of real art can once again be the normal state of things within civilized society. Art is a vitally important part of human existence, and it should not be corrupted. When great treasures of artistic worth are created, they uplift all who bask in the glow of their wonderful magnificence. Humanity has yet to recover from the horrendous degradation of art that began in the early 20th century. Only by allowing the truth of aesthetic perception to reign supreme and not be subverted by the evil sophistry of academia can humanity once again allow the fine arts to flourish and prosper.

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