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On the Defensive Usage of Masculine Frequencies

by Lee Duane FitzSimmons

There are many diverse kinds of usages that may be considered when assessing the abilities of the masculine frequencies typically associated with Mars and Mercury. Most of them tend to deal with the more offensive and aggressive forms of human expression. However, there are many other kinds of ways for these powerful currents of the right-handed side to be employed. These energies can also be used for defensive purposes as well. When applied to these types of situations, the masculine energy fortifies and strengthens the more delicate and subtle nuances of the feminine frequencies—especially those associated with Venus and Luna.

One of the most important versions of this defensive usage of male energy is its ability to provide a solid shield (or fortress) of protection against external assaults that are psychological, emotional, or spiritual in nature. When the masculine currents are used in this manner, the creative fancy and the artistic musings—which are often very fragile—of the person using this form of protection are allowed to maintain their integrity whenever hateful or overly critical onslaughts are hurled in their direction by an envious entity.

The Conferring of the Sword on the Coat-of-Arms of Haarlem by Pieter de Grebber (1630)

This type of defensive employment of the male currents also allows for a more assured state of reason within the psyche of an individual. Therefore, if the deliberate insults of an individual or group are hurled at a person who is solidly fortified with the firm shield of logical reason and the certainty that this intellectual ability of iron provides, then these assaults will probably have little or no effect at all. It is as if a type of emotional fortress protects the psyche of the individual under such an attack. Therefore, it would be advantageous for all members of the human species to develop this type of strength so that humanity may evolve and flourish.

Once a substantial percentage of the population has gained these types of defensive skills of iron, a more heightened state of awareness will begin to develop within various members of the species. This new awareness would help to bring about an end to the political and economic tyranny that has plagued mankind for thousands of years. The acquisition of such skills by a substantial percentage of the population would also increase the overall quality of interaction that occurs between members of the species. This acquisition of skills would also allow for a more pure form of intellectual discourse and debate to flourish among the more enlightened members of the population.

Thus, the acquisition of such skills would help to bring peace to humanity...

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