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On the Misapplication of the Higher Intellect

by Lee Duane FitzSimmons

Oftentimes, it behooves the intellectuals of the species to examine their own unique skills of intellectual prowess and learn how these special gifts can be transferred to more mundane situations that normally do not require a high amount of intelligence. Oftentimes, when these special gifts of intellectual and creative genius are correctly understood, they can be transferred to almost any other area of endeavor and subsequently bring a substantial improvement to that area if they are applied in an effective manner. Oftentimes, these kinds of applications can bring about a positive growth in the intellectual faculties that seek to bring about improvement in an area even if no substantial improvement in that area is made.

That having been said, it is also a well-known fact that the genius of a highly developed intellectual is a thing that is often plagued with mistakes and riddled with large doses of creative misfortune. The simple explanation for this sort of perturbing occurrence is due to the fact that the faculties of logical reasoning within the minds of most creative intellectuals are constantly seeking out new options that have not been tried before. However, within the realms of most areas of endeavor, the obvious options that usually do not work are almost always shunned by the average individual. This natural selection of the obvious is known in the vernacular as "common sense."

In Der Klosterkuche by Adolf Humborg

Within the mind of a uniquely gifted intellectual, however, these shunned options are not only considered but also thoroughly explored in order to make sure that absolutely nothing has been overlooked. It is this type of reasoning that causes many types of horrific errors to occur. These errors usually never occur with those of average intellectual ability. Due to these types of occurrences, many of the special gifts of the more intellectually endowed members of the species are often perceived with much disdain. This disfavor is much deserved and is very highly valid.

Therefore, in order to overcome this phenomenon, it behooves those members of the species that possess special gifts of creative genius to examine their mental abilities more carefully in order to make sure that these types of intellectual fallacies do not occur within the realms of their cognitive faculties. In order to do this, the intellectually gifted genius must perceive the entire spectrum of reality so that it is appreciated more fully. Creative intellectuals need to realize that almost all things are beautiful and hold a vital richness that is waiting to be explored. When reality is viewed in this manner by the creative genius, nothing is boring, and the common sense of the average person is seen for the great gift that it is.

Therefore, if the mind of a highly gifted intellectual is not bored, then it will not only function properly but will also benefit all that bask within its benevolent glow.

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