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On Altruism

by Lee Duane FitzSimmons

There are many reasons why people immerse themselves in altruism. One is because it provides a sense of penance to many who feel that they have overindulged in their own sensual natures and feel a strong sense of guilt for their past actions. Needless to say, these individuals usually have a very imbalanced sense of emotional rationalization. Individuals who are participating in charitable events for this reason do so mainly for selfish reasons in order to be more at peace with themselves. True peace is not usually found in this manner.

Another very popular reason why many engage in these activities is because of the favorable acclaim that is received while performing these deeds. Those who tend to make a public spectacle out of themselves while engaged in these actions do so because these actions can often lead to increased privilege and rank in a society. There are often many types of financial incentives that can also be attained if the methods used while performing these actions are done in certain ways that trigger such mechanisms. Needless to say, this type of charitable work is usually done for the sake of the individual and can be performed in a way that either assists or harms the people that are truly in need of some type of assistance.

Train Up A Child by William Mulready (1841)

There is also the outright exploitation of altruism for mere financial gain. Such individuals who are involved with these practices are generally people who have little empathic sensitivity. Such individuals are often considered to be far more evil than those who are blatantly honest about their primary motivation of exclusively pursuing financial rewards with little regard for all else. Those who exploit the charitable nature of humanity could be considered to be some of the most villainous individuals present in society.

Although there are many who pursue altruistic endeavors for selfish reasons, there are some who actually pursue charitable deeds for the right reasons; they want to help people. These types of individuals are highly empathic and literally feel the unease that is present within souls that suffer. These types of individuals possess pure hearts that beat savagely to help those who are in need.

These types of individuals are the true heroes of humanity...

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