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On the Use of Pride in the Development of Empires

by Lee Duane FitzSimmons

Pride is a great resource for the manipulation of large numbers of individuals. If any type of group shares a common history, goal, or relationship, then it becomes rather easy to find some type of symbolic icon or expression for this commonality. This symbol can then be used as an instrument with which strong feelings of pride and honor can be directly associated. The flag is the most popular method of this type of manipulation. These types of manipulative tools have been used throughout history and are very effective. When it is also realized that being swept up in such group magnetisms produces a type of euphoria, it becomes quite easy to see why these procedures have been exploited so many times in the past and continue to be employed throughout the world to this very day.

If there are any individuals that resist the mass hysteria that often accompanies this phenomenon, then the other individuals that have succumbed to the influence of the popular manipulation will often aid the entities producing the group magnetism by pointing out these resisting individuals so that they can be dealt with in an effective manner. By reducing the more powerful intellects that are more likely to resist such group magnetisms, the percentage of willing participants increases, and the manipulation becomes even more powerful. This type of self-perpetuating cycle makes this honor-based control mechanism extremely powerful. This type of self-perpetuating cycle also breeds similar types of processes that can be assimilated into the overall pragmatic structure of the main population control systems in order to aid their primary objectives.

View of the Winter Palace from the Admiralty by Vasily Sadovnikov (1839)

Once these various systems of control are effective to a certain degree, they become efficient as tools to aid the processes of construction that build mentalities that desire to receive and implement order. They also serve as aids to help override the logical and rational survival mechanisms that are naturally inherent within every member of the species. These systems of control are also far more effective when controlling individuals whose personal energies are aligned with the canine frequencies of Mars and its alchemical metal of iron. Individuals whose energies are more aligned with the feline frequencies of Venus are far more capable of implementing these sorts of control systems so that large numbers of people may be commanded.

It could very well be argued that this type of group behavior is part of the basic essence of human nature. It could also be argued that if this sort of manipulative control does not exist on one level, then it will naturally occur at some other level with some other type of entity. It could also be argued that since this type of behavior is inevitable, it should be tolerated. It could also be argued that this is the way that things will always be.

It can also be argued that maybe one day humanity will change...

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