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The Temples and Gardens of Arcadia

by Lee Duane FitzSimmons

It is often said that the psyche is of one of the most important elements of human existence; however, it is also one of the most neglected aspects of education and learning. In order to remedy this situation, it would seem prudent to create a type of instructional Arcadia that focuses on the direct training and improvement of the human psyche. This paradise of instruction would educate and improve all of the basic areas of reason and logic so that they may further enhance an individual’s garden of empathy. Thus, the logical deductions of the intellect would be better able to frolick with the imaginative whims flowing from the streams of one's empathic currents.

Since the intellect is a vital aspect of the human psyche, it would be prudent to create temples and palaces of creative instruction that would facilitate the education and improvement of logical and rational thought. These new edifices would be self-sustaining structures that would continue to grow as needed. These buildings would be aesthetically placed within the natural landscape of one's empathic gardens of intuitive gnosis. In this way, the flora and fauna of these natural realms would exist in peaceful harmony with the temples and palaces created from the solid marble of rational logic and the flexible bronze of practical endeavor.

The father of Psyche sacrificing at the Temple of Apollo by Claude Lorraine (1662)

Thus, the overall essence of this creation would be that of an Arcadian paradise where the sacred gardens of the intuitive empathic faculties exist naturally in a perfect state of balance among the many temples and palaces of intellectual instruction. This would all be done so that the beauty of human artifice naturally compliments and enhances the natural realms of intuition and empathy. In order to make sure that such is the case, the newly created edifices should be placed in such locations where there would be little or no disturbance to the natural habitat. When such careful and delicate nuance is directly applied in the earliest stages of planning, it can be reasoned that the buildings that are created will have the strongest foundations possible.

However, the most important element involved with this sort of creation is that each individual create the blueprints for her/his specific situation. This creation of instructional design would allow each person to glean the most true and relevant information that can be converted into genuine knowledge; this knowledge can be eventually converted into empathy. It should also be remembered that the individual can always adjust these plans as needed at any time during the overall process. In this way, the maximum amounts of intellectual ability and intuitive prowess may be gained.

In this way, the maximum amount of peace may be allowed to flourish within the soul.

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