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Art as Mediator of Spirituality and Science

by Lee Duane FitzSimmons

Art is the link that binds the ties of humanity. It is the link between the heavenly notions of the soul and the earthly realities of the flesh. A portrait painted by hand depicts the eternal wonders of the numerous spiritual traditions all over globe. A song sung by a great diva proclaims the magnificence of the eternal soul; in addition, this song can be can be mathematically analyzed in a very scientific fashion as its notes are examined with the tools of music theory. The aesthetic and emotional qualities of artistic creations serve as vital links that connect the intellect with the eternal flame of the human soul.

Art contains vast amounts of spiritual energy. Many aspects of art are easily measured and manipulated by very scientific means. Many of the methods are mathematical and can also be thought of as being geometric in design. When these types of manipulative and analytical tools are applied correctly to any type of artistic discipline, direct links between the worlds of spirituality and science are created. Thus, the creative realms are directly connected with the rational logic that is supplied by the intellectual faculties of human reality. The realization of these connections allows for a far greater perception of the universe that demands that science not be separated from either the arts or the spiritual notions of humanity.

Christ and the Two Marys by William Holman Hunt (1847)

Thus, the overall essence of philosophical musing can be perceived as having far fewer boundaries when perceived with these notions of connectivity between the fields of science and religion. Due to the imbalances of the previous era, these two realms of endeavor were often thought of as being separate. However, the sacred essence of the quantitative cannot be denied. It should also be noted that geometry and mathematics are not the only tools that directly link these two areas of human reality. Color also links spirituality and science.

The various hues of the spectrum are used by skillful artists to create great masterpieces. These colors are easily analyzed and manipulated by very scientific methods. This link between science and religion is very obvious. Therefore, the attempt to separate the spirituality of religion and the logic of science can be perceived as not only erroneous but also as being extremely detrimental to the intellectual and aesthetic development of the species.

The colors of the rainbow are the ties that bind the soul and the mind together into a unified whole.

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