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On the Benefits of Pragmatic Meditation

by Lee Duane FitzSimmons

When meditating, it is often common practice to have a mantra of some type with which one can use as a focal point that serves a center for the meditative process. This mantra can be anything that facilitates the relaxation process and aids with the development of peaceful feelings. However, one of the more beneficial means of facilitating the meditative process is to link it to the practical realms of daily existence so that the time spent in meditation is time that is not used to wander about within realms of far-flung Eastern fantasy but is instead used to sort out one's thoughts and ideas so that the most effective paths of action may be taken. This type of meditation is also very relaxing because one can use the time to plan, create, and strategize about various elements in one's life.

By performing this type of pragmatic meditation, relaxation can more easily occur because the problems of the real world are not swept aside and are instead actively embraced. It is often quite common to not be able to escape temporarily into a fantasy world because of the vexation of real world difficulties. With this practical use of the contemplative powers of meditation, the situations of reality are used as tools to help one relax by employing the creative process in such a way to deal with daily issues. Essentially, this type of meditation uses the imagination in an attempt to find ways to solve one's problems. If a solution or a better idea is discovered, then the individual truly has a real and legitimate reason to relax.

A Wooded River Landscape with Mother and Child by James Arthur O'Connor (1830)

Also, even if no better solution or idea is conceived during the process, the individual can still relax to a certain degree, knowing that the problems of reality are not being ignored and are being addressed. Obviously, if the problems that persist within one's daily existence are extremely overwhelming, then a more escapist type of meditation might be desired because of the crippling nature that certain issues might cause. Still, relief may be found by using the imaginative facilities to solve these more intense problems. This outcome is quite possible when one realizes that by exhausting all potential solutions and playing out all of the possible scenarios that there is nothing else that can be done. Depending on the situation, this realization might also provide relief.

Whatever method is used for meditation, it seems best to be creative and to actively employ the imagination and the intellect so as to stimulate the empathic currents of one's soul.

In this way, one has a much better chance of actually finding true relaxation.

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