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On the Excessive Visual Elements of Iron

by Lee Duane FitzSimmons

The excessive visual energy of iron, which is the alchemical metal associated with Mars, has been the predominant aspect of reality defining the Iron Age for the last several millenia. Because of this overemphasis on the visual, the more aural and vibratory aspects of reality have suffered. As a result, many of associated skills and abilities of humanity that rely heavily on the vibratory essence of Venus and Jupiter have been at a loss for dozens of centuries. This overemphasis on the visual aspects of the iron frequencies has been one of the main reasons that the patriarchal empires during this age have been so successful and have proliferated steadily throughout the centuries.

However, there is a far more empathic essence to the iron energy of Mars that is highly relevant to humanity, yet highly neglected. This aspect of Mars lies within the enteric nervous system and is the actual biological location of the "gut feelings" that are a very well known feature of the navel chakra, which is the center of alchemical iron in the human body. The overemphasis on the visual realms is because the frequencies of Mercury, which reside in the third-eye chakra (the pituitary gland and the optic chiasm), have a very strong affinity to the iron energies of Mars. Thus, the center of the overwhelming focus on the visual realms can be directly traced to Mercury and its influence on Mars and not on Mars itself.

The Blacksmith's Studio (late 19th century)

So with this idea in mind, it becomes possible to attempt some type of remedy for the problem presented in this article. This remedy would include the de-emphasis on Mercury's influence on iron and a strong emphasis of Mercury's influence on the frequencies of Venus that are centered in the throat chakra. In order to accommodate this shift of energy, it might be prudent to attempt an increase in the amount of influence of Jupiter's relation to Mars, in order to aid with the deficit that would occur with the reduction of influence from Mercury to Mars. Thus, there should be less influence from the eyes to an individual's gut feelings and more emphasis on sound and vibration to the visceral mind.

However, it should always be remembered that only a slight reduction of the visual energies is desired and only if an imbalance is perceived. Drastic reduction and/or elimination of the visual influence of the navel chakra would probably not be a thing to be desired. Only a small tweaking of energies should ever be attempted. If a guitar's string is wound to loosely then it will not produce a pleasant tone, but if it is wound to tightly... will snap.

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