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On the Conceptualization of Paradigms

by Lee Duane FitzSimmons

When various paradigms are established within an empire, alternative paradigms that are easily denounced are then simultaneously propagated in order to deal with any individuals who might have dissenting issues with the primary paradigm that is presented by whatever military organization is currently in power at the time. Such alternative paradigms are crucial to the survival of the primary paradigm. These alternative paradigms are even more crucial when the primary paradigm is either a distortion or fabrication of actual reality and/or historical facts. Because these alternative paradigms are kept under constant surveillance, the ruling military power can closely monitor most of the dissenting currents that may be residing within an empire.

If any new rebellious sect or attitude begins to form and propagate, then it may be easily subverted by assimilating it into any of the state-sponsored alternative paradigms so that a dangerous strain of truth or reality will not manifest itself into the mainstream culture. Once any type of threatening activity is duly subverted, it can be more easily managed. Such procedures are especially necessary in hegemonies. It should be noted that these techniques are not employed as efficiently in the more tyrannous forms of government. It is necessary that all forms of dissent be carefully controlled so that a contagion is not released that would require police action.

A Monkey Encampment by David Teniers the younger (1633)

By carefully associating all dissenting views with easily debunked paradigms that are created and propagated by the military authorities, the conceptualization of new paradigms that encompass knowledge of actual reality that would threaten an empire's well being are more efficiently managed. However, due to the nature of truth, these kinds of scenarios can only be maintained for temporary periods. When they are exposed for what they are, very disruptive and harmful situations that might threaten the well being and stability of an empire may occur. Therefore, in order for any empire to remain intact for an extended period of time longer than a few brief centuries, it would behoove the empire to gradually incorporate as much actual reality and/or historical truth into its primary paradigm as well as all of its alternative paradigms. In this way, order can be more easily maintained.

In this way, war can be more easily avoided...

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