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On the More Complete Usage of the Intellect

by Lee Duane FitzSimmons

There are many uses for the abilities of the intellect. Several of these functions are readily used by many people in many situations. However, there are also intellectual functions that are ignored or shunned by a substantial percentage of the population. These functions are vitally important for the further development of the species. These functions of the intellect also allow for a more superior development of the intellect's ability to employ logic.

The most commonly ignored intellectual function is the ability to conceptualize new hybrid creations and solutions to questions that have two or more obvious solutions. Quite often, some or all of the elements of the obvious answers to any problem can often be combined. By first dissecting and then extracting the various components of the obvious solutions, the more appropriate and beneficial aspects of the obvious solutions can be analyzed and then subsequently combined together to create far more pleasant results. However, this process usually requires a lot of thought and meditation on the subject at hand; therefore, it is often shunned by many people because of the extra intellectual effort that is required.

Another function of the intellect that is rarely used is the ability to refute questionable assertions made by individuals who have expertise in one field or another. Just because an individual earns a living in a field does not mean that this individual possesses complete knowledge of the most correct solutions to all of the problems that are associated with that field. It should be realized that financial and political issues come into play in a large number of situations. These issues will often bias the opinions offered by experts in all fields of knowledge. Due to this bias, the solutions offered and propagated by experts in any field are often tainted with the horrid stench of self-interest.

Therefore, each person must learn how to analyze information and make correct decisions with their own intellectual powers. An individual cannot rely solely upon the solutions offered by others. All individuals must use their own mental powers in order to assess all of the problems that occur within the spiritual, scientific, artistic, financial, and political realms of existence.

Everyone must think independently.

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