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On the Practical Uses of Musical and Poetic Inspiration

by Lee Duane FitzSimmons

While the different flavors of the inspirational energies are multitudinous, they most often deal with the creative flights of fancy present within the psyches of creative souls. However, there are certain ways to use the basic foundations of these inspirational elements so that new creations of art and science may be produced more effectively. When these practical methods are correctly used, they not only conceal the sources of inspiration more effectively but also provide new inspirational visions more efficiently. Since music tends to be more universal in both its nature and its reach, practical forms of musical inspiration will be discussed first.

First, a truly inspirational piece should be selected. Next, the basic structure should be disassembled and analyzed objectively so that the very best pieces and parts of the work can be isolated. One or more of these isolated portions can now be slightly altered and used as a basic foundation for constructing a completely new creation. For instance, a folk ballad with an extremely catchy guitar riff can be dissected and the riff removed. Once the riff has been extracted, it can now be altered and then used as a creative base in another song.

The Sweet Siesta of a Summer Day by John William Godward (1891)

When it comes to lyrical and poetic inspiration, the same basic techniques can be used. This type of practical inspiration is highly effective when different elements of form and style are borrowed. If actual words are isolated and then altered for a new work, then one runs a very high risk of having one's sources revealed. This type of creative borrowing could also lead to accusations of plagiarism if the words are not altered enough. Thus, actual words are not copied, and the formal aspects alone are adopted; therefore, this type of poetic inspiration is highly effective.

In conclusion, it is highly practical to use the aspects of artistic creations that deal with formal structures instead of using the actual notes or words themselves. When this type of artistic methodology is used, it becomes far easier to be creative in a highly productive manner. It is also important to note that the various formal elements of many different works can be combined in many different ways; therefore, these hybrids can also be used for the creation of new pieces. Thus, the creative cycle of art is renewed.

Thus, the creative circle of life is renewed as well.

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