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Modern Depictions of Ancient Concepts

by Lee Duane FitzSimmons

This discussion will center around the new creations that rely heavily on the ancient concepts presented in many of the texts of antiquity. For instance, some of these new creations include new interpretations of the Tarot trumps, newly conceived tales of the ancient gods, and new adventures or writings about many of the historical events that happened in the very recent past (5,000 B.C.E. or later). There are many of these types of tales and creations that abound. There are also many kinds of variations on the original themes once presented in the ancient texts.

First, there are many versions of the Tarot that have been created in the twentieth century. Other than the Rider-Waite Tarot, most of them have not gained any level of severe penetration into the mass perception of humanity. However, they are now so common that the creation of an entirely new tarot deck is not a very unusual thing. This collective effect could be perceived as two-fold. First, they present many new types of speculations and alternative notions to the basic ideas first presented by the original images of antiquity. Secondly, because of all these new fanciful visions, the original meanings are even harder to discern.

Abendstimmung vor den Pyramiden by Georg Macco

Next, there are all of the many tales of the gods and goddesses of ancient literature that are recreated in the new creations of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. Sometimes these new versions bring newly added dimensions to the older creations of the ancient texts, and sometimes they merely recreate the primary expressions of the original works themselves. Regardless of the amount of change brought to the original, the newer versions (if they are exposed to an adequate amount of the population) will often serve as modern upgrades of the original stories.

However, there may have been some type of enormously important information contained within the symbolic essence of the ancient metaphors. If this is the case, then it would be of utmost importance to find the original creations in order to best ascertain what these metaphors originally meant. If this important information was initially discovered by an advanced civilization that once existed on this planet, then the correct interpretation of the original meanings of the metaphors would be a very important thing to discover.

Thus, it would then be highly prudent to examine the original version with an enormous amount of scholarly effort.

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