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On the Creation of More Simplistic Types of Art

by Lee Duane FitzSimmons

One of the great problems faced by many artists (especially artists that have had a fair amount of academic training) is the lack of ability to create high quality products within the boundaries of a simple format. Once an artist has developed a large number of technical skills and can create within more advanced genres, an artist will often gain the perception that the creation of a work in a more simple genre is something that is beneath them. Oftentimes, such artists have not yet perfected a high degree of elegant finesse within their overall skill set and are less sensitive to the universal sense of aesthetic worth that is found within every good work of art.

In fact, many such artists do not realize that it is sometimes far more difficult to create within the boundaries of simple artistic formats without resorting to advanced ornamental techniques that require an advanced set of skills. It often takes a lot more skill to allow for a piece's subtle aesthetic nuance to be highlighted than it does than to merely apply some sort of flashy ornamentation that might very well detract from the simple beauty of a work. A very common mistake amongst many artists that have acquired skills of high technical ability is the desire to overuse these abilities and apply them in ways that are not aesthetically justified so that their advanced technique may be displayed. They do not care if these advanced devices are needed in the artistic creation itself.

Violin and Other Instruments by Godefroy (1862)

However, there are certain situations where advanced techniques are almost always desired and need to be employed at every chance possible. Most often, these are the techniques that are involved with the various aspects of production for most mediums of artistic expression. However, these are usually the most neglected aspects of art. While a basic design might not need any fancy frills or difficult maneuvers applied to it, the medium with which the design will be expressed will require that all of the aspects of the medium's production be of the highest quality. Far too often, many artists will apply inappropriate or ostentatious maneuvers and tricks when they are not needed and will then ignore the production skills involved with the medium of the work. Thus, while the basic artistic substance is good, the medium with which it is expressed is neglected; thus, the overall presentation is not professional quality.

Far too often, an artist will place the carriage of pretentious artistic ability before the horse of vital production techniques required by the medium that is expressing the art.

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